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Once again the Beavers practiced outside on Prothro Field on Wednesday, April 7th, however for the first time this spring they were in full pads. <br><br> Before the official practice got underway, former OSU punter Carl Tobey was working with new punter Jon Strowbridge, who had a very good day.

Another former Beaver, Tim Euhus was at practice and spent some time with the quarterbacks catching passes. Later in the day James Newson stopped by and mingled with the players and coaches.

After stretching the team spent some time working on special teams in different groups. Strowbridge had a good day booming picks with lots of hang time and decent length.

After special teams, the positions broke up and worked with their own coach.

Since this was the first day with pads and the linebackers were the only group that was hitting much, I paid attention to them during that part of practice. They started out working on form tackling and good technique. They also worked on specific defensive schemes and reaction to what an offense would do.

After group drills were over the wide receivers and defensive backs worked against each other in “one-on-ones” and the running backs, tight ends, o and d-linemen and linebackers worked together. The first is pretty self explanatory—flankers and split ends work against cornerbacks, while the slot receivers worked against the safeties.

For the latter, and offensive lineman go up against a defensive lineman. The D-lineman do their best to shed the O-lineman and tackle a running back that would be coming through “the hole.”  In that same drill the tight ends were blocking the linebackers, who fill the same role as the D-lineman.

At one point during that drill Brandon Scales beat Doug Nienhuis with a very nice swim move and laid a lick on the running back.

Following those intense drills the receivers and corners split to one field while the rest of the team ran to the other. The offense worked on running plays, while the defense worked on being where they were supposed to be.

The highly anticipated “skeli” or 7-on-7 drills came next.

All three quarterbacks had their moments and spread out the ball nicely.  Ryan Gunderson was getting more reps in than usual and he was throwing some good-looking passes, but he also threw some ducks.

Derek Anderson looked better today than he did in the last two practices. He hit a number of his receivers, as he completed passes to five different players.   Adam Rothenfluh hit at least four different receivers while Gunderson hit no less than three different receivers.

After that the team worked on punt coverage for about 15 to 20 minutes they transistioned to a full 11-on-11 running plays. The defense made more good plays than the offense, but at this point of the spring the defense is almost always ahead of the offense.

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