Spring Camp Report: Day 3

Player, skeli, 7-on-7, and 11-on-11 notes inside the premium edition of the spring practice report from day 3.

  • Former OSU punter Carl Tobey was working with new punter Jon Strowbridge before practice got underway.

  • Former OSU tight end Tim Euhus spent some time with the quarterbacks catching passes.

  • Former OSU wide receiver James Newson stopped by at the end of practice.

  • Linebacker Danny Kalavi was at back at practice today in full pads.

  • I learned that wide receiver Sammie Stroughter’s last name is pronounced---Straw-ter.

1-on-1 Notes

(I didn’t pay attention to the quarterbacks, I was more concerned with what the WR-DB match-up was)
Gillett vs. Browner—Gillett ran a nice route and got the catch
Powers vs. Whiten –Powers got the catch
Hawkins vs. Marshall—Hawkins with the catch
Swanigan vs. Gerard Lawson—no catch
Powers vs. Sabby—good route, better coverage, Sabby wins
Hass vs. Justin Williams, good route, bad throw, no catch
Gillett vs. Browner—good route, good catch for GG
Browner (as a receiver) vs. Lawson—Browner floored him and got the catch, looked like just a simple two hands to the chest and Lawson couldn’t handle it
Powers vs. Eric Anderson—Powers flat out schooled Anderson, beat him by a couple steps on a deep route, well thrown ball
Hass vs. Marshall—I’ll give that one to Marshall, could have been PI though

  • While that was happening the drill I talked about above was going on, and this is the one highlight I took from it: At one point during that drill Brandon Scales beat Doug Nienhuis with a very nice swim move and laid a lick on the running back.

  • After that the receivers and corners were on one field and the rest of the team was on the one I decided to watch. The offense was running all running plays, except for one bootleg as the defense worked on being where they were suppose to be.
  • Players that made nice plays from this section of practice:  DT Henry Anderson, LB Kevin Davidson, DE Joe Lemma, and DE Bill Swancutt made a couple of nice plays, one he pushed an offensive lineman into the running back about 4 to 5 yards deep.


Skeli Notes

DA comp. Gillett
DA inc. Powers, wide open, throw was behind him
DA inc. Hawkins, overthrown deep
DA inc. Powers, however, PI on Whiten

AR comp. Hawkins, Marshall in coverage
AR comp. Ryan Cole, check-down, Lacey (not full pads, shoulder pads, shorts) had coverage

RG comp. GG, Lawson coverage
RG comp. Hawkins, Lawson coverage

DA comp. Hass
DA inc. Newton, too high
DA comp. GG, Aric Williams coverage
DA comp. Powers, Ellison coverage

AR inc. Newton, stripped, good coverage, didn’t catch a number on the defender

RG almost picked by Kelly Phelps
RG comp. Hass

DA inc. “coverage sack,” dumped the ball into the ground
DA inc. deep for GG, pretty throw
DA comp. Swanigan
DA comp. Newton

AR deep for Hawkins, inc., Marshall coverage
AR comp. Hass, Marshall coverage

RG inc. GG, Lacey coverage on a crossing route, good break-up
RG inc. Powers

DA inc. Powers, a little too far outside, Chaz Scott on the coverage
DA inc. Hass, Browner coverage
DA inc. GG, good throw, but it was a little low
DA picked by Aric Williams, but it was probably PI or defensive holding

RG comp. Hass, deep throw, great catch, throw was a little short, Hass went up between two defenders to make the grab
RG comp. Hawkins

AR comp. Swanigan

DA inc. deep for Hawkins

At that point the team worked on punt coverage for about 15 to 20 minutes.


11-on-11 Notes

Good defense on the first play, DA threw the ball out of bounds
DW carry, Ellison stop for little or no gain—possibly even a loss
DA deep for Hass, Sabby got the pick, well covered, double coverage on Hass
DW carry

RG hand to Cole, up the middle
RG deep for BROWNER—Browner worked a couple times as a receiver today, I will try to ask about that on Friday
RC on the carry, hit in the backfield
RG inc. to Swanigan

DA back in, YB carry, stopped for a loss
DA inc. Hass, great diving deflection for Browner, Browner got some “props” from his teammates for that one
DA comp. Powers, Whiten coverage
Draw for YB, Swanny in the backfield

RG hand to Burnley, Burnley looked pretty quick-but really little
RG comp. Hawkins
RG comp. Haines

DW carry, hit the hole quick

DA, play-action, deep to Hass, Hass, Browner both hand their hands on the ball, couldn’t tell who came down with it

  • Henry Anderson seemed to be making quite a few plays in the 11-on-11 session.

  • Gunderson seemed like he was getting more reps than usual, and threw a lot of nice passes, including back-to-back completions to Appleton and Powers late in practice.

  • One thing I overheard, Appleton originally signed with Weber State, but he never went to school, so he is in a situation similar to Burnley and Hagemeister, not here at the beginning of the year, is now a true freshman. Appleton had a good day of practice, some of the defenders on the sideline were even telling him he was running good routes.

  • An observation I made on the sideline was the J.C. Ronnfeldt seems to be the team comedian.

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