Spring Camp Report: Day 4

A new player, detailed skelly notes, player and coach observations and more.

Friday, April 9, 2004, Premium Article
  • New player, Ryan Rainwater, #76, Defensive lineman.

  • Anton Clarkson was at practice, and he is on his spring break now—he starts back up on Monday.

  • Tim Euhus was at practice once again and he was running pass routes for the quarterbacks with the other tight ends early on in practice. He looks very quick and fast; he is coming out of his breaks well and his hands looked good too.

  • As the receivers were running routes (no defense) George Gillett was running nice routes and making good catches.

  • It is looking like at the moment the first team receivers (in three wide formations) are Hass, Powers, and Gillett.

  • As you will see a couple times in the upcoming “play-by-play” notes, Brandon Browner worked a little at receiver today. He looked like a natural, good strong routes, able to get off the jam easily. After seeing him on the offensive side of the ball a few times, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the fall in actual game situations. That is going to be something to look for. Keep an eye on him. At this point I’d say he is the best athlete on the team.



Powers-Sabby, no catch, bad throw
Hass-Browner, Hass won, got the catch, good route
Hawkins-A. Williams, no catch, good D
Browner-Lawson, ran a stop route, separated from the coverage well, made the catch
Gillett-Marshall, Gillett ran a nice route and got the reception
Powers-Whiten, again, good route, good catch
Brad Ching-Justin Williams, JW won this battle
Newton-Whiten, Whiten got a jam on him, but Joe fought it off and made the catch
Hass-Browner, deep ball, Browner was beat, took the PI instead of giving up a big play
Gillett-AW, both players played this one well, but no catch was made
Powers-AWB (Anthony Wheat-Brown), good route, ball should have been caught, but it wasn’t the best throw

Continuing to impress more and more everyday, Browner beat Lawson for the catch, Browner is just too big for him
Hawkins-Browner, looked like quick slant, Browner picked it off
Newton-Sabby, good route, had the catch but Sabby stripped it
---Newton ran nice routes to, gave the quarterbacks a good target
Ching-Marshall, Ching made the catch
Hass-Lawson, Hass beat hit badly, hitch and go, well executed route
Haines-Whiten, quick outside-in route, HW jumped to the outside, got beat inside
Swanigan-JW, JW won this battle
Hawkins-Browner, I’ve got Hawkins with the win
Newton-AWB-again Newton got of the jam well and made the catch, AWB almost had the strip but Jonas, as offensive coordinator Paul Chyrst calls him, held on

Whiten seemed to struggle some in pass coverage today, he talked to Riley one-on-one and got some advice, hopefully we will see some improvement in the coming weeks, he seems interested in learning which is a big plus.


“Middle Drill”

  • This drill is the offense vs. defense, minus receivers and corners, all or almost all running plays.

  • Ryan Cole had a nice four-yard carry inside, tough yards.

  • Curtis Coker had nice penetration on a couple occasions, he looks really big, I looked up his size in last year’s media guide and on the roster sheet this year, and he is quite a bit bigger, was 288, is 316.

  • Bernard with a quality inside run

  • Alvin Smith and Trent Bray in the backfield

  • Coach Newhouse was telling people to move their feet, he was really teaching a lot

  • Darkins in the backfield


Onto the next period of practice—between periods I overheard Riley telling Danny Kalavi, who is playing linebacker this spring after playing some quarterback and wide receiver last fall, good period for the “middle drill.”


“Skelly” (thanks for the correction in spelling DA)

DA comp. Hass, AW coverage
DA inc. Powers, poorly thrown ball, receiver was open, Riley let him know about it
DA comp. Gabe Button, took too much time though
DA comp. Deep to Powers, D-coordinator Mark Banker “Don’t give up the middle of the field”

AR inc. Hass, Lawson good coverage, break-up
AR comp Hass, Lawson coverage

RG comp. Appleton
RG comp. Hawkins, Marshall coverage
DA inc. Hass, AW w/ coverage/break-up
DA inc. Hawkins, AW w/ coverage/break-up
DA inc. Hass, Browner coverage/break-up
DA comp. Swanigan

RG inc. Hass, over thrown down the field
RG comp. Hawkins, JW on the coverage, good coverage, short gain

AR inc. Hawkins, JW coverage, defensive holding
AR deep for Gillett into double coverage, inc. AWB dropped an int., JW was there too

DA threw for Ching, broke up by Browner, ball popped up, int. for Sabby
DA comp. Hass, Lawson coverage
DA comp. Haines, Sabby coverage
DA inc. Cole, a little out in front

AR comp. To Browner, nice skinny post route, beat Marshall

RG comp. Gillett, Eric Anderson coverage

AR inc. Ching

RG comp. 83
RG inc. Hawkins

DA inc. Hass, Sabby missed a pick
DA inc. didn’t see intended receiver, Harvey dropped a pick
DA inc. Gillett, coverage backed off, short hitch, ball a little off target, he’ll make that throw during the season, its just a little rust
DA comp. Haines, Chaz Scott coverage

End of Skelly


  • Part of the team worked on punt coverage technique, Coach Read seems to be very focused on technique and detail.

  • D-Line working on pass rush moves and technique against each other.

  • Offensive players not working with special teams were working on a middle tight end screen, looked like a good play, they tried it at least once in 11-on-11s—speaking of 11-on-11s, that was next.



DA-hand to DW, nice run, good blocking
DA-hand to DW, misdirection, nice run again
DA-playaction, comp. Gillett, Whiten coverage, perfect throw
DA-playaction bootleg, comp. Haines

AR-hand to Cole, solid carry
AR comp. Swanigan, Lawson coverage

(this is the point that I noticed Harvey getting help from Riley, like I said earlier, HW seemed very receptive to the teachings)

RG had to Cole, nice run
RG had to Cole, looked like good D

DA playaction pass, inc. for Gillett, airmail, way over his head
DA hand to DW, heard Riley compliment Henry Anderson
DA screen to DW, inc.
DA hand to DW, Swanny in the backfield

AR hand to Burnley (37), good job of getting outside
AR hand to Burnley, another quick run

RG inc. Haines, throw was low, no chance for a catch
RG comp. Powers

(first string line today was—Nienhuis, Fyda, Brock, Schuening, and Linehan)

DA-hand DW
DA, draw DW, Trent Bray in the backfield
DA inc. Gillett, almost picked by Whiten
DA inc. Powers, inside route, Ellison coverage

RG, Cole run
RG, Cole run, Joe Lemma (27) in the backfield for the defense

AR comp. Screen Cole, would have been sacked by Coker (most likely)
AR comp. Hass, JW coverage, great catch by Hass

DA, run DW, middle, little to no gain
DA, playaction boot, comp. Newton
DA, audible, quick route to Hawkins, catch, Browner coverage
DA, middle screen comp. Newton---this is the one I remember them working on

RG hand Cole, Jeff Van Orsow (49) in the backfield for the defense
RG playaction, looked like more of a half bootleg than a full boot, comp. Jeremy Weldon

AR, audible, fade to Gillett, inc. Lawson coverage
AR comp. Hass on a slant, Marshall on coverage


  • During the field goal kicking I talked with new wide out Kevin Swanigan. He has enjoyed his time here so far. He got here last term. He said he just got his playbook as they were starting spring drills. He mentioned that the level of play here is quite a bit higher than what he has played at before, but he is starting to get use to and it looks to me like he is improving every day. I definitely see #1 contributing this upcoming season.

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