Spring Camp Report: Day 5

News and notes from April 12's practice.

  • Windy, overcast, chilly throughout the day.

  • Kickoff coverage, first fundamentals, technique, then they kicked a few deep and worked on actually covering kicks. A number of different coaches were helping out.

  • At the same time as that, running backs coach, Lee Hull, was working with Dwight Wright, one-on-one on catching passes.

  • The defense as a whole got a lot of penetration.


These were not as intense as they usually are, and it was only the receivers and corner backs, the safeties and tight ends were in middle drill.

Hass-Browner, Hass won
Gillett-Aric Williams, good separation for GG, but a poorly thrown ball resulted in no catch
Powers-Marshall, Powers got the catch, out route
Swanigan-Lawson, fade route, Swanigan wins
Hass-Browner, fade route, Browner wins
GG-AW, slant, no catch
Brad Ching-Justin Williams, slant, catch
Hawkins-Marshall, fade route, Marshall wins
Powers-Lawson, slant, catch


Half-line skelly (first time I have seen that this spring)
(note: I’m going to put all of Anderson’s plays together, then Rothenfluh, then Gunderson)


Deep for Hass, broke up by Browner
Comp. to Dwight Wright
Inc. Powers, very good throw, almost caught
Interception by Ellison, intended for Powers, looked like just a bad read
Inc. intended for Mike Hass
Comp. Hass, Browner, coverage
Interception by Ellison, right place, right time, ball intended for Gillett, Aric Williams on the coverage, ball bounced off his shoulder or helmet high into the air and Ellison ended up with it
Inc. Powers, Whiten with the hit as the ball got there, good D
Inc. Swanigan, Aric Williams on the coverage, excellent break-up
Com. Gillett, AW coverage
Inc. Hawkins, deep in-route, Sabby read it like a book and almost had the interception
Interception by Browner, intended for Hawkins

Just an observation—this is probably one of the two or three best defenses the OSU offense will face all year, so expect the first stringers to struggle. I’m not sure what is coming back around the conference, and for the teams we play in the non-league season, but I’d say this is the BEST secondary the OSU offense will face all year long.


Deep for Hawkins, inc., Marshall coverage, Hawkins did make a nice double move
Slant to Hawkins comp., Lawson coverage
Comp. To Gillett, Justin Williams coverage
Inc. to Swanigan, catch able ball, but it would have had to be a spectacular catch


Comp. Appleton, AWB coverage
Comp. Haines, blown coverage
Inc. long down the field, well under thrown, a complete duck
Comp. Hass, Marshall coverage, out route


Regular Skelly

Inc. Dwight Wright, short route
Comp. Swanigan
Interception Browner, intended for Ching
Comp. Wright, swing route
Interception Browner, intended for Swanigan, both players had their hands on the ball, it popped up, Browner got it
Inc. Newton, Whiten nice break-up


Interception, Eric Anderson, didn’t catch who the intended receiver was
Comp. To Swanigan
Comp. To Hass on a slant route, JW coverage
Comp. To Cole swing route


Comp. Hass, AWB coverage
Comp. Appleton, Eric Anderson coverage
Comp. Cole, swing route, made the first man miss

After that the team worked on punt coverage. A lot of teaching was going on.


(again I will just put all of each quarterback’s snaps together)

Hand DW, short gain
Hand DW, solid run, hit hole quickly
Audible, out route inc. Powers
Playaction intended for Swanigan, crossing route, and AW have the coverage and jumped the route nicely
Playaction comp. Newton
Hand DW
Hand DW, Bray with the stop at or behind the line of scrimmage
Screen, inc.
Bootleg, good coverage, Anderson had to run with it
Good coverage again, DA took off
Screen inc. to DW, he turned upfield before he caught the ball
Playaction, nobody open, DA run
Hand Cole
Comp. Powers, downfield
Hand Cole, nice run
Hand Cole, good D


Hand Cole, solid run, short gain
Comp. Haines
Screen complete Cole
Comp. Appleton
Hand Burnley
Inc. Swanigan, JW break-up

Hand Cole, stop for loss
Comp. Powers, slant route, Eric Anderson coverage
Three straight runs for Burnley, Burnley looks pretty quick, but very small

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