Spring Camp Report: Day 6

Player news and notes, observations, and play by play notes from the drills.

  • It was raining outside, so practice was held indoors at the Merritt Truax Indoor Facility.

  • The teaching sessions seemed shorter today, and the offense vs. defense situations seemed longer. With that said, 1-on-1s were first.


Hass-Browner, Browner with the deflection
Weldon (85)- Sabby, Sabby wins
Powers-Whiten, good jam for Harvey, got the deflection
AWB-AW, pass interference on Williams
Hawkins-Lawson, deep ball, over thrown
Appleton-Eric Anderson, nice job of getting off the jam for Appleton
Powers-Sabby, Sabby wins, good coverage
Burnley-Justin Williams, good break-up for JW
Hass-Browner, deep, Hass made an excellent catch
Weldon-Whiten, bad throw
Powers-Eric Anderson, nice route, catch
AWB-Marshall, nice route, but better defense
Hawkins-Lawson, Hawkins wins, in-route, good cut
Appleton-Sabby, good separation for Appleton, he got the catch
AWB-Justin Williams, AWB beat him deep, but there was offensive PI
Hass-Browner, bad throw
Newton-Harvey, nice catch, very good job of getting off the jam
Browner-Lawson, WOW, good route, excellent separation, made the catch
Haines-EA, outside-in route, catch
Powers-Whiten, Whiten knocked Powers off his route, no catch.
AWB-Justin Williams, AWB ran a streak, nice catch, adjusted to the ball in the air
Hawkins-Browner, no catch
Newton-Sabby, great D by Sabby, could really see his speed, jump an out-route very well
Powers-Whiten, Powers got the catch
Burnley-Marshall, Marshall played this well, just didn’t finish it, Burnley got the catch
Browner-Lawson, Int. for Lawson, streak route, Lawson was with BB stride for stride


Middle Drill

This was a very intense drill today. It was happening during 1-on-1s and for a little bit longer. There were a ton of pads popping and lots of “hooting and hollering.” In the time I was able to watch, it seemed like once again the defense dominated.


Half Line Skelly

Derek Anderson
Comp. To Haines
Inc. Hass, AW coverage, throw was low
Comp. Haines
Comp. Powers, nice route, wide open
Deep for Browner, had his man beat (Justin Williams) but the ball was slightly under thrown and JW made a nice play on the ball and stripped it
Inc. Browner, wide open, poor throw
Inc. AWB, throw was behind him
Deep for Browner, complete, WOW, nice route, beat Aric Williams by a step or two (after the play some of the defenders were letting Browner know that he is still a black shirt, for those of you that don’t know, in practice the offense wears white and the defense wears black)
Deep for Hawkins, PI on Sabby
Inc. for Powers, tough throw to make, and he didn’t make it, Sabby had the break-up
Comp. To Burnley, Browner coverage


Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. Deep to Hawkins, Lawson coverage
Comp. Hass
(as you will see in my notes below, Chaz Scott seems to be stepping into a vocal leadership role with the departure of Richard Seigler)
Inc. to Hawkins, throw was too high
Deep for Hass, inc. ball over thrown


Ryan Gunderson
Comp. To Burnley
Comp. To Powers
Inc. to Ryan Cole, Cole’s fault, he turned up field before he caught the ball



Derek Anderson
Inc. Powers, Aric Williams, nice deflection
Comp. To Browner, Whiten coverage, skinny post was the route
Inc. deep to Hawkins
No throw, good defense
Pick for Sabby, pass was intended for DW in the flat, Sabby read it like a book
Inc. for Newton, too high


Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. for Weldon, Whiten coverage
Inc. for Burnley
Picked off by Kevin Davidson, bad read, threw it right to the defense


Ryan Gunderson
Comp. AWB (this was kinda weird because both players wear number 10, in my notes it is written as 10 comp. 10, I just thought it was kinda funny)
Inc. Powers
Inc. Hawkins looked like a good throw, it was a fade route but it was on the opposite side of the field from where I was, it looked like it should have been caught



After that they worked on punt coverage, then it was full team, 11-11.
This seemed pretty intense today, the guys were really going at each other. Lots of good competition. I don’t know why, but Rothenfluh didn’t take a single snap. It is possible that he had class. I will make a note to myself and check about that on Friday.


Derek Anderson
Hand to DW, run outside, nice run, wasn’t touched
Hand to RC, up the middle, Pollard on the stop
Comp. To Burnley, good find, good catch, Burnley found an open spot, DA hit him with a nice throw
Hand to DW, Scales was pancaked by Dan Haines, Pollard had the stop on the play
Inc. to Hawkins, AW had the coverage, nice deflection
Comp. To Powers
Hand to DW, stopped in the backfield
Inc. to DW, swing route
Deep for Hass, AW coverage, Inc., good D on the play
Hand to DW, good run, nice cut
Inc. to AWB, deep route
Deep for Hawkins, Sabby dropped an interception
Hand to DW, good hole created by the line, solid run
Intended for AWB, picked off by Sabby
Deep for Burnley, Inc., good coverage by Aric Williams
Hand to DW, AW “tackle”
Inc. to Newton, over thrown


Ryan Gunderson
Hand to Ryan Cole, good D
Hand to Cole
Comp. To Hass, wide open, well thrown ball
Comp. To Hawkins
Hand to Cole, solid carry
Comp. To Haines
Hand to Cole, short gain
Comp. To Powers
Draw (didn’t catch the back) bad hand-off, fumble
Comp. To Hawkins, very nice looking throw
Inc. to Hawkins, tipped by a linebacker, maybe Kevin Davidson
Comp. To Appleton, (defensive guys on the sidelines seem very impressed with Appleton, this kid is going to contribute in some way this year)
Inc. to Hawkins, deep



  • RB Ryan Cole, seems to be running well, but with the defensive line he is playing against, it is hard to gage how good he might be.

  • CB Anthony Wheat-Brown worked exclusively with the receivers today, and he looked pretty good. A lot of balls went his way, and more often than not he would catch it. He displayed soft hands and caught more balls than he dropped. It will be interesting to see what happens with him, will he start on offense? Maybe.

  • LB Jonathan Pollard was in full pads today. He worked with the first string and he was in the backfield a few times on running plays. He seems to be one of the more core guys on the team and I could see him filling a leadership role.

  • RB Charles Burnley worked with the receivers today, rather than the running backs. He and AWB switched switched between the wideout, slot and flanker positions.

  • CB Brandon Browner worked with the receivers more than usual today, and after one particular route, Coach Riley was giving him some one-on-one help, take that for what it is worth, but that tells me this isn’t just an experiment.  One-on-one help from the head coach tells me that Browner will definitely play some receiver throughout the course of the year. No disrespect to the other receivers, but if Browner was exclusively with the offense, he would probably be the best or second best (behind Hass) receiver on the team.

  • With players like Richard Seigler and James Newson gone, the Beavers will be looking for new players to step into leadership roles, emotional and vocal. LB Chaz Scott may be a candidate for the vocal leader; he and Jonathan Pollard seem very vocal and could fill that roll for the Beavers defense.

  • I really do think that QB Derek Anderson will assume the leadership role on offense. He seems to be having fun and he seems very upbeat, all he needs to do is start making better throws.

  • RB Dwight Wright looks to have the inside track on the starting running back position. He ran well today, hitting the holes quickly and with explosion.

  • TE Joe Newton continues to do a great job of getting off the jam of the safeties, it seems like he is going to give opponents major problems this year. We might see him as the number two target for DA this year behind Hass.

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