Spring Camp Report: Day 7

Player news and notes, observations, and play by play notes from the April 16th drills.

  • Practice today was indoors, no pads.

  • QB Derek Anderson got off to a slow start today, but turned it on later in the day and made some nice throws, particularly in the two-minute drill. This is the first time I remember seeing the team run the two-minute drill.

  • CB/WR Anthony Wheat-Brown worked exclusively with the offense once again today. He is extremely athletic and made some nice catches. He could and most likely will work his way into a starting role on the offensive side of the ball.

  • LB Keith Ellison seemed to be in the right place at the right time quite a bit today. He looks quick and will get plenty of playing time come fall.

  • WR Josh Hawkins came alive in the two-minute drill as you can see from the play-by-play notes. Anderson hit him four times, and seemed to be gaining confidence in Hawkins.

  • TE Joe Newton continues to impress. He and DA really have something. With all due respect to Tim Euhus, I am guessing that Joe will put up better numbers this coming year than Euhus ever did in one season. That is not a knock on Euhus, that is a compliment to Newton.

  • DT Ben Siegert and TE Pat Loney have been to every practice as far as I can remember. Both had off-season surgery. Both worked with strength and conditioning coach Trent Greener.

  • I CANNOT confirm anything at this point, but I have not seen Kanan Sanchez one time at practice this spring. If I had to guess I would say he has played his last down as a Beaver, but nothing has been confirmed by the athletic department at this point. If I am told anything on the record I will let you all know.

  • SS Mitch Meeuwsen has attened every practice session.

  • WR Cole Clasen has attended a few practices.

  • Former WR Kenny Farley has come back to school.  He has worked out for the Bengals, and has talked with the Giants.


The kickoff return team, at the moment is (from left to right):

Keller Christiansen, Kelly Phelps, Chaz Scott, Keith Ellison, Derrick Doggett
Dan Haines, Joe Newton
Jason Fyda, Brent Bridges
Gerard Lawson, Yvenson Barnard (2nd group-Aric Williams, Dwight Wright)



Derek Anderson
Inc. AWB
Inc. not sure who the intended receiver was, the ball wasn’t really close to anybody
Inc. Hawkins, AW on D, got the deflection
Inc. Powers, Whiten D, not a very good throw
Inc. DW, Bray on D
Comp. DW
Comp. Powers
Comp. Powers, well thrown ball
Comp. Deep for Hass, Browner coverage
Inc. Hawkins, Browner defense, deflection
Comp. Newton, great catch up high
Comp. Newton, short pass
Comp. Newton, nice throw and catch, Trent Bray on D
Comp. Burnley, Sabby coverage, nice throw
Inc. Swanigan, Browner coverage, bad throw, PI on the play
Comp. Checkdown to DW on a swing route
Inc. AWB, AWB slipped on the play, he was open though


Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. Hass, fade route, Justin Williams defense, very nice throw
Comp. Hawkins, out route, J-Will defense
Inc. Burnley, Lawson with a deflection
Comp. Powers
Inc. Burnley, ball was on his hands
Comp. Swanigan, good looking throw, in route
Inc. Weldon, Ellison with the break-up


Ryan Gunderson
Comp. Kruskamp (#32)
Inc. AWB, Ellison deflection
Inc. AWB
Inc. Hass, PI on Sabby
Comp. Hawkins, ball was a wounded duck, but it was on target
Inc. Hawkins, good D by Lawson
Intercepted by Davidson, intended for AWB, he was pretty open; it was just a bad throw


Team, 11-11

Derek Anderson
Comp. Hass, Sabby coverage
Run DW
Inc. Hawkins, AW coverage, low throw
Play action; roll right, inc. to Haines, through his hands
Comp. Hass, Browner coverage
Comp. Newton, Pollard coverage


Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. Yvenson Bernard
Audible, Comp. Powers
Inc. Powers, nice break up by J-Will


Ryan Gunderson
Hand YB
Comp. Powers, wide-open, nice throw
Comp. YB, nice cut, got up field rather quickly


11-11, 2 minute drill

Rollout, comp. Haines
Run RC, good burst, good hole created by the line
Comp. Newton, Bray coverage
Comp. Swanigan, wide open, Chaz Scott in the area
Comp. Hass
Comp. Powers, ball was really stuck in there, nice throw
Audible, comp. Hawkins, streak, Sabby was really close to it
Inc. deep to AWB
Inc. Newton
Comp. Hawkins, AW on the coverage, nice route
Inc. Powers
Inc. Hawkins, deep, AW coverage
Comp. Hawkins, DA did a nice job of checking of his first read and found Hawkins open on the sidelines, nice footwork by Hawkins
Comp. Hawkins
Inc. Newton
Good coverage, tuck and run
Clock stop play (spike)
Comp. Burnley
Inc. Hawkins, ball on the money, but it was dropped
Touchdown Newton, nice throw for DA


Rothenfluh and Gunderson split the other two-minute drill, AR started it.

Inc. Cole
Deep for Hass, comp. Lawson coverage
Comp. Swanigan, nice route, got out of bounds
Inc. Weldon, Ellison defense


Inc. Brandon Robinson (#25), in and out of his hands
Inc. Weldon, dropped it
Inc. AWB, too high
Inc. AWB, out route, could have been caught, but it would have been a great catch if he would have made it, not a routine play
Comp. Hass
Dropped the snap (shotgun), picked it up, comp. Hass, Lawson coverage, looked like Hass made a move to get into the end zone as time expired, but it was on the opposite sideline, and no pads means no tackling

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