Spring Camp Report: Scrimmage I

News and notes and the play by play from Saturday, April 17's scrimmage.

  • LB Seth Lacey, CB Kellen Marshall, and WR George Gillett were not in uniform due to injury. Marshall and Gillett are said to be day-to-day and Lacey has seen limited action to this point.

  • QB Adam Rothenfluh missed the scrimmage due to a family commitment.

  • RB Charles Burnley has changed numbers from 37 to 5.

  • All in all it was a good day for the defense and a poor day for the offense. Browner drew a lot of attention on offense and played very well on both sides of the ball. AWB started at receiver and got plenty of reps. Aric Williams had a good day covering his receivers. Yvenson Bernard looked good while he was in there, but with this defense there wasn’t a lot of room to run.

  • When the first string defense was on the sidelines Coach Camp (linebackers coach) was talking to Trent Bray, asking him what he was seeing out on the field. There was a lot of coaching on the sidelines. Newhouse (D-line coach) was giving tips to players just about every time they came off the field.

Note: any Sacks listed are “touch” sacks.

1st drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—Deep for Hass, inc., Aric Williams (AW) on the coverage
2nd down—Play action, rollout, inc. Newton, ball was on his hands
3rd down—Inc. Powers, again, the ball was on his hands

2nd drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—run Dwight Wright, 4 yards
2nd down—run DW, 2 yards
3rd down—SACK-Swancutt

3rd drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—Deep to Hass on a fade route, PI on Browner
1st down—Run DW 2 yards
2nd down—Inc. pass, good throw away, nobody was open, dumped it into an open area, no chance of an interception
3rd down—Interception by Browner, but there was a PI call on the play, the ball was intended for Anthony Wheat-Brown (AWB)
1st down—Inc., fade route to Hass, AW coverage
2nd down—Run DW 2 yards
3rd down—Inc. Hawkins, AW on defense

4th drive—Gunderson at QB
1st down—Cole run, no gain
2nd down—play action, bootleg, comp. Appleton
3rd down—Inc. Haines, ball was too high

5th drive—Gunderson at QB
1st down—False start offense
1st and 15—Inc. Hawkins, caught by Hawkins and stripped by Lawson
2nd down—Cole, draw, 6 yards
3rd down—Inc. Powers, ball was 3-4 feet over his head

6th drive—Gunderson at QB
1st down—Run YB, 2 yards
2nd down—False Start offense
2nd and 13—Comp. Hass, Lawson coverage
3rd and 6—Comp. Weldon
1st down—Deep to Powers, inc., Sabby dropped the Int., throw was a duck
2nd down—YB run, Ellison on the stop, loss of one
3rd and 11—Deep to Hawkins, inc., Lawson coverage

7th drive—Anderson back at QB
1st down—Comp. Newton, 4 yards
2nd down—Comp. Swanigan
1st down—Comp. To Hass, offensive PI
1st and 25—Comp. To Powers, Sabby had the tackle
2nd and 21—screen to DW, Whiten with the tackle
3rd and 21—good coverage, tuck and run, not very far.

8th drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—Run DW, 1-yard
2nd down—Inc. for Haines, Whiten there on D
3rd down—Comp. To AWB, Browner tackle
1st down—Run YB, 4 yards, Sabby tackle
2nd down—Run YB, loss of 2
3rd down—Comp. Hass, penalty, ineligible down field, Hass cover Powers and Powers went out on a pattern
3rd and 12—Deep for Hass, inc. ball was thrown to far to the inside, Whiten broke it up, AW had the coverage

9th drive—Gunderson at QB
1st down—Run YB, Ellison on the stop, 1-yard gain
2nd down—Inc. Hawkins
3rd down—Inc. Hawkins, Hawkins slipped as the ball was getting close and Sabby almost had the pick

10th drive—Gunderson at QB
1st down—Comp. Weldon, enough for the first
1st down—Run YB, 7 yards
2nd down—Run YB, Naymon Frank with the stop in the backfield
3rd and 6—Comp. Powers, offensive holding on the play
3rd and 16—Inc. deep for Brandon Robinson (B-Rob), ball thrown too far

11th drive—Gunderson
1st down—SACK
2nd and 13—Run Cole, 3 yards
3rd down—Comp. Hawkins, Justin Williams on the coverage, Sabby with the tackle
1st down—Run Cole, 4 yards
2nd down—Inc. Swanigan, good D by Lawson
3rd down—Inc., rolled right threw back across the middle, bad decision, lucky it wasn’t intercepted

12th drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—Comp. Swanigan, AW coverage
1st down—Run DW, stop by Pollard, 5 yard loss
2nd and 15—flag, false start
2nd and 20—Inc. deep for Hass, AW had the coverage
3rd and 20—Intended for AWB, Pollard dropped a pick

13th drive—Anderson at QB
1st down—Run DW, 3 yards
2nd down—Comp. Deep for Hass, 55-yards, Browner good coverage, but it was a great throw and very nice catch
1st down (in the red zone)—Run DW, loss of 1
2nd down—good coverage, tuck and run out of bounds for DA
3rd and 5—Run DW
4th and 3 at the 7-yard line—Comp. To Newton, Touchdown
Extra point is good by Serna, then he his a 27-yard attempt from the right hash, then hit a 32-yard attempt from the left hash

14th drive—Gunderson at QB (Browner started playing some offense on this series)
1st down—tuck and run
2nd down—Run YB, 9 yards
3rd and 1—enough for the first on a run by YB
1st—Run YB
2nd and 6—Run YB
3rd and 1, Comp. To Appleton
1st down—Run Cole, Coker with a nice stop
2nd and 11—Run Cole
3rd and 14—Inc., intended for Browner, J-Will with the coverage

15th drive—Gunderson at QB
Note: The final stats, as put out by osubeavers.com, have Browner with only one catch, but he made two in this drive.

1st down—Run Cole, flag on the offense (didn’t catch what it was for)
1st and 15—Run Cole, 5 yards
2nd down—Run Cole, 6 yards
3rd down—Run Cole, 4 yards
4th and 1—Comp. Hawkins, Lawson coverage
1st down—Run YB, Rainwater (76) with the stop
2nd down—Comp. Browner
1st down—Run YB, 5 yards
2nd down—Comp. Browner, J-Will coverage
1st down (in the red zone)—Handoff fumbled
2nd and 12—Run YB, Van Orsow with the stop, loss of 2
3rd and 14, fumble on the snap
4th down, Inc. to Powers, he was held on the play, but no flag
even though that was 4th down they attempted a few field goals:
1st attempt—36 yards from the right hash, good
2nd attempt—42 yards from the middle, good
3rd attempt—42 yards from the left, good

16th drive—Colt Charles at QB
1st down—Comp. Scott Smith (80, tight end), play action, roll left, Charles is a lefty for those that don’t know
1st down—Run Olaniyi Sobomehin (38), Danny Kalavi (19) on the stop
2nd and 11—Run 38
3rd and 9—Comp. To Ching, 33 yards
1st down—Run 38
1st down—Comp. To Zach Hagemeister (87), 5 yards
2nd down—Run 38 (AWB playing some defense)
3rd and goal from the 2 or 3—Run 38
4th goal—Inc. Gabe Button (86), nice hit by J-Will to break it up

17th driv—Paul Kirwan at QB
1st down—Comp. To Button, short gain
2nd down—Run 38
3rd down—Inc. for 87

18th drive—Kirwan at QB
1st down—Inc. Ching, under thrown
2nd down—Run 38
3rd down—Inc. couldn’t tell who he was throwing to

19th (and final) drive—Kirwan at QB
1st down—Run 38
2nd and 5—Run 38
3rd and 3—Comp. To Swanigan, Lawson coverage
1st down—Scales sack
2nd and 15—Run 38, Lemma (27) stop in the backfield
3rd and 20—Sack for the defense

That’s the end of the scrimmage.

Jake Schubert at jake.schubert@beaverfootball.com.

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