Spring Camp Report: Day 9

News notes, observations, one-on-one notes and more from April 19th's practice

  • Raining outside, practice indoors, full pads.

  • Before practice receivers coach DelVaughn Alexander talked to his group outside in the rain.

  • QB Adam Rothenfluh back at practice.

  • CB Kellen Marshall and WR George Gillett in full pads.

  • Working on catching punts: CB Kellen Marshall, RB Charles Burnley, WR Josh Hawkins, and RB Yvenson Bernard.

  • Watching the receivers: Burnley has lightning quick feet.

  • The receivers had a solid day. They didn’t seem to drop many balls that came to them.

  • Hawkins in particular seemed to catch a lot of passes today.

  • DT Henry Anderson is definitely one of the more vocal guys on the team, and he has been playing well too.

  • Sticking with the defensive line, Curtis Coker has had a lot of good reps this spring. He has been plugging holes very nicely, and making holes of his own.

  • This group of players seems to exemplify the term team. They are helping each other out, talking to each other between sets about what was done right and/or wrong, and they have been doing a great job of encouraging each other.


The following two drills happened at the same time:
Note: Tried to catch some of each, so these are as complete as possible.

1-1s (just receivers and cornerbacks)

  • AWB vs. Browner—post-corner route, Browner over pursued, AWB got the catch
    Hass vs. Justin Williams—out route, great separation, very nice job of getting open, made the catch

  • Powers vs. J-Will—nice move, great separation, made the catch
    AWB vs. Browner—AWB had him beat on a streak, ball was under thrown

New drill, don’t know what to call this one, so I’ll just explain it: the offense consisted of a quarterback, running back and two tight ends on each play, the defense consisted of all three linebackers and two safeties.

Derek Anderson
Completed passes to Haines, Jeremy Weldon, Ryan Cole, and two to Newton, the second was defended by Keith Ellison

Adam Rothenfluh
Completed a pass to Carl Appleton (#81), Sabby provided the defense
Completed a pass to Gabe Button (#86), Ellison provided the defense


Next Period:

Middle Drill (Offense vs. Defense, minus receivers and corners)

Note from individual plays and the drill as a whole:

  • DW good hesitation, waiting for blockers.

  • DT Henry Anderson, nice job of getting in the backfield.

  • RB Yvenson Bernard nice carry.

  • DT Curtis Coker, good penetration more than once, one time he had a hand on Anderson before he was able to complete a handoff.

  • RB Ryan Cole had some nice cuts on a run.

  • LB Keith Ellison made a play about 5 yards deep in the offensive backfield

  • DE Bill Swancutt made a play about 2 yards deep, among plenty of other plays he made.

  • WR Danny Kalavi (#19, in the fall was a qb and wr, now a linebacker) put a knock down hit on either DW or YB, but the back was off balance, from the sidelines it looked like one of those hits that could have started a fight, but it didn’t.

  • Towards the end of the drill it appeared that Adam Koets, an offensive tackle, got banged up, he went to the sidelines and his ankle was wrapped with ice.
    (End of Drill)

Then the team worked on punt return.

A comical moment happened during that session:
As Aric Williams went back to catch punts for the second team he signaled to the “crowd” to make some noise. Seeing as this was practice it made a few of us on the sidelines chuckle, including Sabby, maybe it’s one of those things that you just had to be there.


Onto the next session, full team, 11-11
This didn’t last very long, but there was a longer 11-11 session later in practice

Derek Anderson
1st play—Sack, multiple players were there, very quickly
Comp. Hass, AW on D
Comp. DW, good route, motion, angle out, angle him, Bray coverage
Inc. deep for Hawkins, defensive holding or pass interference on Browner

Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. Weldon
Inc. Burnley


Ryan Gunderson
Blitz, Ellison got the sack, but let him throw, Comp. To Burnley


Half-line skelly
Note: The quarterbacks didn’t get all of their reps in a row; it’s just easiest to do it this way.

Derek Anderson
Comp. Newton
Inc. Newton
Comp. Hass
Inc. DW, throw was a little low, but catch able
Inc. Hawkins, well thrown ball, good route, barely missed the catch, Sabby defended on the play
Comp. Bernard
Comp. Newton
Inc. 82, locked on his receiver too much


Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. Hawkins, locked on receiver too much
Comp. Hawkins
Comp. Hass, Lawson on defense
Comp Hass, great catch, really got off the ground, pass was high


Ryan Gunderson
Comp. Hawkins, had to wait on the ball, RG needs to get the ball there quicker
Comp. Hass, streak route, beat Lawson, this time a well-thrown ball
Inc. Appleton, throw too high
Inc. Hass, J-Will on D, RG went to his second read, poorly thrown ball, short


Regular Skelly

Derek Anderson
Inc. Hawkins, fade route, AW on D
Inc. Swanigan, through his hands, Sabby on D
Comp. Swanigan
Inc. Gillett
Inc. DW, swing pass, should have been caught, but if he would have caught it and it was full contact Chaz Scott would have drilled him


Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. Hawkins, Lawson on D, ball under-thrown
Comp. AWB
Comp. Weldon


Ryan Gunderson
Inc. Powers, not a well-thrown ball
Comp. Appleton, Derrick Doggett (#45, they call him D-Dogg) on Defense
Inc. Weldon

Right after that Gunderson left practice, I’m guessing for a class the way he left.


Full Team, 11-11

Derek Anderson
Nice run by DW, Nienhuis pancaked Henry Anderson
Playaction, Interception by Sabby, couldn’t tell whom it was intended for
Run for DW, short gain
Playaction rollout, comp. Haines, wide open, turned it up field very nicely
Wide receiver swing route complete to Powers, Sabby was there very quickly
Middle screen to Newton, Inc.
Audible, solid run for DW
Playaction, ½ boot, had to tuck and run
Comp. Newton in traffic
Run DW
Draw (didn’t catch the back) stopped at or near the line by Henry Anderson
Comp. Gillett, AW playing corner, Eric Anderson was the safety, EA could have had a huge hit on the play


Adam Rothenfluh
Run Ryan Cole, good solid run
Interception for Sabby, Pick 6 (in other words and interception returned for a touchdown) for sure, looked to be intended for, Roth. Would have been sacked on the play though
Comp. Appleton, Kalavi on D, looked to be in a zone rather than matched up
Run for Cole, Jeff Van Orsow in the backfield, would have had the stop
Audible, comp. Fade route to AWB, J-Will coverage
Quick slant to Hawkins, Lawson coverage

Then the team worked on field goals to end practice.


  • SS Sabby Piscitelli looks so quick and so fast; he was just a bullet on some plays. The pass he intercepted from Rothenfluh I didn’t even see him and the next thing you know he is streaking down the sidelines. Also, on the swing to WR Brandon Powers, Sabby was there extremely fast.

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