Spring Camp Report: Day 10

News and notes from Oregon State's April 21 practice.

  • Rainy earlier in the day, sunny when practice started, practice indoors, full pads.

  • Former CB Shamon Jamerson visited practice today.

  • Mitch Meeuwsen was in shorts and a t-shirt today and did some work with the safeties.

  • While the players were working with their position coaches, Defensive Line coach Greg Newhouse was telling his players to move their feet and he was getting the players to concentrate on doing that.



Brad Ching vs. Gerard Lawson—slant, catch
Gillett vs. Aric Williams—quick hook, made the catch
Hawkins vs. Justin Williams—quick hook, dropped the ball
Hass vs. AW—deep in-route, catch
Powers vs. Lawson—inside-out route, about two or three steps on a slant, then turn it outside, catch
Swanigan vs. J-Will—same route, catch
Browner vs. AW—streak, inc. AW did a nice job of pinning receiver to the sideline
Brandon Robinson vs. J-Will—slant, catch


Middle Drill

  • LB Chaz Scott made a nice play behind the line of scrimmage, Coach Camp (linebackers coach) almost knocked Chaz on his butt, Camp was extremely enthusiastic today.

  • RB Yvenson Bernard had a nice run.

  • DE Bill Swancutt had a stop about 4 yards deep at one point,

  • One thing in particular to keep in mind for this drill, the defense can really pin its ears back and rush hard every time because they know it is always going to be a running play, which really makes this drill difficult for the offense.


11-11 (full team)
Derek Anderson
Comp. DW
Comp. Hass, Browner coverage
Comp. Newton, Bray coverage
Inc. DW, Bray coverage, ball was dropped
Inc. Hass, Browner coverage
Inc. Appleton
Inc. Swanigan
Inc. YB, in and out of the receiver’s hands

Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. AWB, Lawson coverage
Inc. Hawkins, J-Will coverage, good throw, almost had the catch

Ryan Gunderson
Comp. Hass, J-Will coverage
Inc. Hawkins, Lawson coverage, in and out of the receiver’s hands


Half line Skelly
Derek Anderson
Inc. Newton, ball overthrown
Comp. DW
Inc. DW, ball was dropped and AW put him on a ground with a shoulder
Intercepted by AW, intended for Swanigan, out-route, ball was thrown too far towards the sideline
Nobody open, no throw
Intercepted by Trent Bray, intended for Newton
Comp. Gillett, AW coverage

Adam Rothenfluh
Batted ball at the line of scrimmage by Brandon Scales
Comp. Scott Smith (#80), Whiten coverage
Comp. Gillett near the sideline, well thrown ball
Comp. DW

Ryan Gunderson
Intercepted by Lawson, receiver quit on the play, it was intended for Burnley, RG took too long to throw the ball
Comp. Powers
Comp. Hass, J-Will coverage
Comp. Hawkins, J-Will coverage


Derek Anderson
Inc. Newton, Bray coverage
Comp. Hass, corner route, 24 coverage, nice route, very good ball
Inc. Burnley, AW coverage, AW closed on the ball very nicely
Inc. Newton, ball overthrown
Inc. Newton
Inc. Hawkins, AW coverage, good strip by AW

Ryan Gunderson
Inc. YB
Intercepted by Whiten, intended for Powers
Comp. Hass
Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. Hass, Lawson coverage, throw was high
Comp. Hawkins, Lawson coverage, nice throw and catch
Comp. Gillett, fade route


11-11, full team
Derek Anderson
Run DW, run was off left tackle, nice run
Play action, comp. DW
Play action, rollout, comp. Newton
Run DW, run was to the right, Stopped 3-4 yards behind the line
Comp. To Hass, Whiten would have had a huge hit if it would have been live
Run Cole, run was to the left, Cole hit is own lineman two yards deep in the backfield

Ryan Gunderson
Tripped on the Carpet
Dropped Snap
Inc. Hawkins, well over thrown, J-Will coverage
Run YB, run was to the left, hit his own lineman five yards deep in the backfield
Dropped Snap

NOTE: 11-11, full team still, but now they have turned around and are going into the end zone from the 25-yard line, and everything is live except the quarterback.

Derek Anderson
Play action, bootleg, complete to Weldon
Run for DW, bounced it outside to the left, Touchdown, nice run

Ryan Gunderson
Play action, bootleg, Comp. Appleton, about two yards
Audible, fade, no receiver in the area, QB was “sacked” within a second of the snap
Inc. corner route, AWB, looked like PI on J-Will, no call
Inc. Gillett, over thrown

Derek Anderson
Run YB-7 yards, between guard and tackle to the left
Run YB-8 yards, between guard and tackle to the right
Run YB-enough for the first down, right up the middle
Inc. Newton, AW coverage
Run DW, up the middle, broke left, Touchdown from about 14 yards out, nice stiff arm on Sabby

Ryan Gunderson
Comp. Powers, corner route, beat Lawson and Eric Anderson on the double coverage, 25-yard touchdown

Derek Anderson
Inc. Hawkins
Comp. Newton, gain of four
Inc. Burnley, Ryan Cole had a nice blitz pick up on Pollard

Ryan Gunderson
Inc. Swanigan
Run Cole, 7 yards up the middle
Run Cole, 8 yards, bad tackling, but a good strong run
Run Cole, Lemma with the stop, loss of two
Comp. AWB, touchdown

End of Practice

  • WR Josh Hawkins dropped a lot of balls today.

  • The running backs had some nice carries once the plays were live and they were allowed to break tackles. All three, Wright, Bernard, and Cole, were able to break tackles and had strong runs.

  • The other thing that stood out today that usually stands out every other day too is the enthusiasm of linebacker’s coach Charlie Camp. This guy is all over the place, teaching his players and encouraging his players. He is really a ball of fire.
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