Spring Camp Report: Day 11

News and notes from Oregon State's April 23 practice.

  • Outside practice in shells, shoulder pads and helmets.

  • This is my fifth year in Corvallis and this was some of the most unusual weather I have ever experienced. At the beginning of practice the sky was mostly cloudy, but the wind pushed the clouds towards Albany, northeast of Corvallis. As practice went on the clouds, some of the darkest I have ever seen, moved across sky from North to south and were blown back into us from due east. There was a light sprinkle towards the end of practice.

  • An interesting tidbit: A group of coaches from a high school in Canada was at practice today and they will be attending the scrimmage tomorrow.

  • P Carl Tobey was at practice again. He has tried out for the Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, and he has sent a tape to San Diego. IF he had a choice he would like to go to San Diego, but he is willing to go anywhere to continue his football career.


Teaching session

  • Running backs working on foot speed and hanging onto the ball.

  • Wide receivers working on coming out of breaks, later on they worked on a short fade route into the end zone.

  • Anthony Wheat-Brown made a spectacular one-handed twisting catch in the corner of the end zone got was able to stay in bounds for what would have been a touchdown.

  • TE Tim Euhus continues to practice with the tight ends. He has been helping them and he was helping them again today by telling them when they should be coming out of their breaks.

  • Later on the tight ends worked on a double team block, with one of the two chipping and moving onto the second level of the defense.


Note: After today I’m going to try to get more detail on individual plays rather than have just a little for every play. I can only write so fast and its not like they are going to wait for me to take notes, so for the notes I take next week there might not be as many, but I will try to make them have more quality.

Hawkins vs. AW—no catch
Appleton vs. Sabby—catch, in-route, good separation for Appleton
Powers vs. Whiten—in-route, good separation for Powers
AWB vs. Browner—stop and go, excellent route, made the catch, AWB really sold the fly pattern then sold the hook and Browner couldn’t recover
Burnley vs. Sabby—no catch, wheel route, throw was behind the receiver
Ching vs. J-Will—hook route, catch
Powers vs. Whiten—out route, good D, Whiten got a hand on the ball
Appleton vs. Sabby—no catch, Sabby had a good jam, Appleton could get off of it
Swanigan vs. Browner—hook route, drove of defender, stopped quickly, made the catch
Powers vs. Sabby—Powers had a step, but didn’t make the catch, he was led a little too much
Burnley vs. Browner—fade route, catch made, ball thrown a little short and to the outside shoulder, away from the defense

(at this point Riley told Browner to get a couple snaps on offense)

Browner vs. J-Will—in-route, catch, nice separation
Powers vs. Whiten—out route, catch, got of the jam well
AWB vs. Browner—quick slant, catch
Newton vs. E. Anderson—got off the jam, made the catch


11-11 Team, Blitz—every play there was a blitz

Derek Anderson
Inc. Burnley, ball too high
Comp. Newton in traffic
Comp. Hawkins, AW defending on the play, quick slant
Comp. Powers, went up for the ball, made the catch
Comp. Newton, flag pattern, perfect throw right out in front of the receiver
Play action, Comp. Hawkins, AW put him on the ground with a shoulder pad, Hawkins jumped up and signaled first down
Comp. Newton

Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. Gillett, quick throw
Inc. Gillett, Lawson coverage, heard somebody on the sideline say that GG needs to go after the ball more, which is true, he needs to be more aggressive offensively

Ryan Gunderson
SACK, let him throw, deep to Hass, inc. J-Will coverage, ball just over thrown
Comp. Powers, quick pass


Half-line Skelly

Derek Anderson
Interception by Pollard, intended for Gillett, Pollard looked to be playing a zone and DA threw it right to him
Comp. Gillett, Browner defense
Comp. Newton
Inc. Hass, hook route, ball thrown too far to the outside, looked like qb and wr weren’t on the same page
Comp. Hawkins, Sabby coverage, throw was on the money
Two straight incompletions
Comp. Yvenson Bernard
Adam Rotherfluh
Comp. Hass, AW coverage, deep

Ryan Gunderson
Inc. Hawkins, thrown behind the receiver
Comp. Powers
Comp. YB
Inc. Hass, ball was in and out of his hands



Derek Anderson
Inc. Hass, fade, AW coverage
Inc. ?, Bray tipped the ball
Comp. Newton, Chaz Scott coverage
Inc. Powers, over thrown
Comp. Hawkins, blown coverage, nobody was close
Inc. Newton, bullet throw, too hard, quick out

One snap vs. 2s for DA—inc. AWB, Sabby with the break-up (Note: Sabby is not really with the second team, there are only three safeties in full pads right now, Sabby, Harvey and Eric Anderson)

Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. Hass, J-Will defending, almost had the pick
Comp. Hass, out route
Comp. Powers

Ryan Gunderson
Inc. Appleton, Derrick Doggett defending, broke on the ball knocked it away, got a chest bump from Chaz Scott and Pollard
Comp. Haines


Teaching Period

  • The offense worked on the or a blocking scheme for the running game.

  • As the team came together for 11-on-11, full team, the clouds reached the field coming from the east and it started to sprinkle a little. With practice being outside and the rain coming down it was difficult to concentrate, but I’ll give you what I have written down.

Derek Anderson
Inc. deep Hass, Browner coverage
Run YB, Scales with the stop, one yard deep
Comp. Middle screen to Newton
Inc. Powers, hit him in the hands, dropped it, Whiten caught it in the air for the interception

Adam Rothenfluh
Comp. AWB, Eric Anderson defending
Inc. AWB

Ryan Gunderson
Inc. Kruskamp (32), Davidson (41, nickname Bama, because he is from Alabama) defending on the play


2 Minute Drill

Inc. ?
Inc. Hass, Sabby coverage, deep
Interceptions, Bray, ran it all the way back, much of the defense accompanied him

Comp. Newton
Inc. Gillett, Browner coverage, in and out of receiver’s hands
Comp. Gillett, quick hook, first down on the play
SACK by Swancutt
SACK by Swancutt
Comp. DW, Bray defending on the play
Inc. Gillett, deep

Adam Rothenfluh
Inc. miscommunication (in other words, pass was nowhere near the receiver
Comp. Burnley, Ellison defending
Comp. Bernard, 1st down
Comp. Burnley, 1st down
Inc. Hawkins, fade, Lawson coverage
Inc. ?
Inc. Swanigan

Field goals

  • Most of the kicks looked good, Browner blocked one of them.

  • After practice I was able to ask Coach Riley a few questions, I will type that up after the scrimmage tomorrow.

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