Spring Camp Report: Scrimmage II

Notes and the play-by-play from Saturday, April 24 scrimmage.


1st series
Anderson playing QB
1st down—run, DW, off right tackle—8 yards
2nd down—run, DW, middle, loss of 1
3rd down—pass comp. Haines, 37 yards
1st down—pass comp. Hass, 10 yards
1st down—pass comp. Newton, 14 yards, touchdown

extra point, doink, no good by Serna

2nd series
Adam Rothenfluh playing QB
1st down—run, Cole, middle—2-3 yards
2nd down—play action, bootleg, comp. Kruskamp
3rd and 5—pass comp. AWB, nice job of fighting away from the tackle, quick hook route
1st down—run, Cole, outside to the left, 2 yards
2nd down—Sack, Joe Rudulph
3rd down—Sack, Joe Rudulph

3rd series
Rothenfluh playing QB
1st down—run, YB, middle, no gain
2nd down—deep for Hawkins, inc. in and out of his hands
3rd down—fade comp. Swanigan, Touchdown, 70 yards

At this point the offense is looking way better than they did last week. They really look like they are starting to hit their stride.

4th series
Anderson back at QB
1st down—run, DW, towards the right, 5 yards
2nd down—run, DW, middle, short gain (penalty on the defense, personal foul, 15 yards)
1st down—Sack, Swancutt
2nd down—Inc. Powers, Sabby dropped a pick
3rd down—screen pass, comp. DW, 9-yard gain, no first down, Dwight did a nice job of fighting for yards

5th series
Anderson at QB
1st down—bootleg, rollout run for DA, 6 yards
2nd down—run, YB, to the right, little to no gain
3rd down—Inc.Newton, PI on the D
1st down—Play action, bootleg, Inc. to Hass
2nd down—run, YB, 4 yards
3rd down—Comp. Hass, out route, AW coverage, 12 yards
1st down—run, YB, 2 yards
2nd down—False start on the offense, 5 yards, still second down
2nd and 13—Sack, Swancutt
3rd and long—comp. Gillett, first down, 24 yards
1st down—pressure on the QB, slid to his right, out of the pocket, dumped the ball out of bounds—really a good play to not give up the sack
2nd down—run, Cole, up the middle, 3 yards
3rd down—False start on the offense, 5 yards, still third down
3rd and 12—comp. Gillett, 27 yards, first down
1st and goal—pass comp. Joe Newton, Touchdown, 6 yards, nice catch in traffic, he was hit from both sides as he caught the ball

The two catches the Gillett had this series were really big plays at big moments.

6th series
Gunderson at QB
1st down—Sack
2nd and 15—run, YB, loss of 5
3rd and 20—screen, YB, 15 yards, nice cuts on the play, made so guys miss, good reaction from the crowd in attendence, but no first down

7th series
Gunderson at QB
1st down—run, YB, 5 yards
2nd down—fumbled snap, recovered by the offense
3rd down—comp. Scott Smith, Davidson defending, not enough for the first down

8th series
Anderson at QB
1st down—run, DW, no gain
2nd down—run, DW, run to the right, Henry Anderson with the stop from behind
3rd and 9—Inc. Hass, AW almost had a pick, appeared to be defensive holding, no call

9th series
Anderson at QB
1st down—play action, deep for Hass, inc. AW coverage
2nd down—comp. Newton, gain of 9
3rd and 1—counter, DW, gain of 7
1st down—Sack, Swancutt
2nd and 17—Inc. Hass, Browner coverage, defensive holding
1st down—run, Cole, left, Scales stop, loss of 1
2nd down—Sack, Swancutt
3rd and 18—middle screen to Newton, comp. Not enough for the first
As the defense was coming off the field senior, linebacker, Jonathan Pollard was telling the defense, “Less talk, more walk, less talk, more walk.”

10th series
Rothenfluh at QB
1st down—comp. Hawkins, 35 yards
1st down—run, Cole, 7 yards, nice job of carrying the pile for Cole
2nd down—flag on the offense
2nd and 9—pass, comp. Browner, 16 yards
1st down—run, Cole, 4 yards
2nd down—play action, bootleg, Inc. Appleton, no chance for the catch
3rd down—comp. Cole, Davidson with the stop, gain of 3

Field Goal attempt good by Serna, 33 yards, good


Misc. Notes

  • Later on Gunderson completed a touchdown pass to Hawkins that went for 38 yards.

  • Also, Adam Rothenfluh completed a touchdown pass to Anthony Wheat-Brown for 15 yards.

  • Former Beaver offensive lineman Vincent Sandoval was at the scrimmage.


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