Here is a look at the top four offensive linemen that the Beavers currently have on the recruiting board.">
Here is a look at the top four offensive linemen that the Beavers currently have on the recruiting board.">

Four up front

It's not a big secret. Offensive linemen are a heavy need at Oregon State currently. It is important as any of the "glory positions" to recruit, but for some reason, OSU hasn't landed a highly touted offensive lineman in the past few years. <br><br>Here is a look at the top four offensive linemen that the Beavers currently have on the recruiting board.

D Borg

OL Daniel Borg
6-6, 285

1.  Daniel Borg | Ironwood Ridge HS (Tucson, AZ)

Has had a tremendous summer so far, and his stock has skyrocketed on the west coast.  Performed extremely well at the Nebraska Camp as well as being "the best lineman at the camp" at Coach Stoops' Big Man Challenge.  His grades are a non-issue as is his confidence.  Nebraska made a big push at Borg, but he has dropped them from his top 5 AFTER his visit to their camp.

Projected position:  OT
Top 5:  UW, UA, OSU, ND, NW | OSU's Chances:  10% | Probable pick:  UW

What could change his mind:  Stoops filling the stands in Tucson.
When will he decide:  Between Nov. 1 and Jan. 1.


M Marks

OL Michael Marks
6-4, 295

2.  Michael Marks | Joseph HS (Joseph, OR)

The knock on Marks is his level of competition.  Playing eight man football against smaller opponents makes for a tough transition to Pac-10 play and it has also served to keep him something of a secret, which is actually fine with him. 

He wants to stay close to home and favors an ag school, and it appears those are the only schools willing to travel to Joseph.  Marks will benefit greatly from agility training and is considered a little stiff at this poing.  He is also considered the best offensive line prospect in the State of Oregon by The University of Oregon.  Grades are a non issue, no test reported but he carries a 3.6 and plans to major in Civil Engineering.

Projected position:  OT
Top 3:  OSU, WSU, Idaho | OSU's chances:  70% | Probable pick:  OSU

What could change his mind:  A strong push by WSU.
When will he decide:  Late to end of season.


K Alfred

OL Kenny Alfred
6-3, 285

3. Kenny Alfred | Gig Harbor HS (Gig Harbor, WA)

3.  Kenny Alfred – He is remaining relatively tight-lipped about his thought process.  He is doing a very thorough job of researching the schools and staffs that are showing interest.  Has attended WSU, OSU, and UO camps and left the OSU and WSU camps with an offer.  Has a brother who plays on  the offensive line at Eastern Washington, but Kenny seems destined for bigger things.
Projected:  OG
Top 5:  NW, WSU, UW, UO, OSU (all but UO offered) | OSU's chances:  33% | Probable pick:  UW, WSU, or OSU (equal at this point)

What could change his mind:  Unknown.  Tough to get a read on this kid.
When will he decide:  Probably before his senior season.


A Rodriguez

OL Arturo Rodriguez
6-5, 295

4.  Arturo Rodriguez |  Las Vegas HS (Las Vegas, NV)

Another Las Vegas stud sure would look good on the OSU roster.  Arturo is considered the top o-line prospect in the state of Nevada.  He performed well at the Adidas camp at UCLA and has a very strong lower body as well as a 6-foot-5 frame.  He is attending the UNLV team camp this summer and lives in the weight room.  Goes by AJ.
Projected:  OT
Top 4:  OSU, UNLV, UCLA, Colorado State | OSU's chances:  65% | Probable Pick:  Oregon State

What could change his mind:  A good team camp at UNLV.
When will he decide:  Unknown

If the Beavers can land two of these four prospects, they will have a solid base for the 2005 offensive line class.  Look for one more prep and one more junior college kid in this class as well.
Others to keep your eye on:

  1. Ben Loebner OT (6'9"!!!)
  2. Moran Roseburough OT (415 pounds!!)
  3. Nick Thorton Jack OG/C
  4. Rodney Picou OG
  5. Aleksey Lanis OT

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