Fall Camp Battles

Less then two weeks separate the Beavers from Baton Rouge and several positions still need to be solidified before the Sept. 4 season opener. <br><br> BeaverFootball.com takes a look at the key position battles on both sides of the ball heading in the last few practices.

Adam Rothenfluh vs. Ryan Gunderson
Rothenfluh vs. Gunderson

The breakdown: Each quarterback brings a little something different to the table. Gunderson brings a strong arm and mobility while Rothenfluh is smart and efficient. The coaches hope they never have to put either quarterback in a crucial situation. Both quarterbacks will prepare as the backup as each has the right set of skills for a particular situation.

Riley says: “I thought they made some plays - absolutely. I don't know if we separated anything today, but they're still competing and it was good for them to get to do that. They made some plays and missed some great opportunities.”

Big Daddy Orange says: Both players have skills and a legitimate shot but Colt Charles has the coolest name.

Advantage: Neither. The player listed as the second string quarterback on the depth chart doesn’t matter. Both will prepare as the backup.

Jeremy Perry vs. Josh Linehan vs. Brent Bridges
Perry Linehan Bridges

The breakdown: All three players have been moved from their original positions at the beginning of fall camp. Linehan was moved from right tackle, Perry was moved from right guard, and Bridges was moved from center. Linehan has played the most with the first team and has played well. Perry is just a freshman and is raw, but oozes talent. Bridges is a fifth year senior and is leaving everything on the field.

Riley says: “It's not settled. We'll look at the film and gather more information. It won't be long before we're forced to make some determinations, but not right now.”

Big Daddy Orange says: Film is okay to use as an evaluation tool. Personally, I would ask Derek Anderson who he would choose. After all, it is his backside that they will be protecting.

Advantage: Linehan. The Oregonian has played well with the first team and has received the most reps. He is getting better with every snap as he becomes comfortable with the left side of the line.

Ryan Cole vs. Dwight Wright vs. Yvenson Bernard
Cole Wright Bernard

The breakdown: If Riley could combine all three of the running back’s football skills he would have the perfect back. Wright is game proven and good between the tackles. Cole is big and powerful while Bernard is quick and shifty.

Riley says: “I don't have any clarity there either. I thought all three looked good. They're different. I'm not going to make any declaration right now."

Big Daddy Orange says: USC had an okay season last year, and they used a three back system. There is no reason OSU can’t do the same and look better doing it in their spiffy new uniforms.

Advantage: Wright. He will be the Beavers starting back against LSU, but will split time heavily with Cole and Bernard. Each back will be put in the situation where they are the most deadly.

Joe Lemma vs. Brandon Scales
Lemma Scales

The breakdown: Both have a motor that does not stop. Both are undersized and rely on their speed. Lemma has a lower center of gravity, is pesky, and doesn’t mind contact while Scales prefers to speed rush.

Big Daddy Orange says: Does it really matter Eddie? Both of these players will get lots of playing time. Rotating defensive linemen wears the opposition down. It would be nice if this was a three way race.

Advantage: Lemma slightly. Scales missed several practices and Lemma filled in nicely, although with more reps Scales could easily grab the starting position.

John Dailey vs. Alexis Serna
Dailey Serna

The breakdown: Daily has the stronger leg, but Serna is automatic from 35-yards in. Both have improved greatly since spring ball.

Big Daddy Orange says: Use them both. There is no rule that you can’t have one guy kick the short ones and the other kick the long ones. Sharing kicking duties was the way a guy named Kirk Yliniemi got his start.

Advantage: Serna has a slight edge due to his accuracy.

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