Reaching out to the Rose City

What do OSU cheerleaders, OSU boosters, and OSU alumni have in common with the Pioneer Courthouse square regulars and the Hooters' Girls? <br><br> Free chips and salsa!!!

An afternoon of constant rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of Beaver believers or lovers of free pom poms as the Beavers held their second annual Rose City Rally. Steve Preece, Bob DeCarolis, Mike Parker and a cast of a couple more were on hand to pump up the Portland based Beaver faithful.

The OSU cheerleading squad started things off with some swell dancing, particularly popular with a line of pervs who took a break from stalking the Hooters’ Girls to place themselves on 6th street at a strategic backside-view angle.

Swancutt and Anderson sign autographs.
Bill Swancutt and Derek Anderson sign autographs for the fans.


Steve Preece was the first speaker. He mentioned Raising Reser and talked about the Beavers’ tough non-conference foes and the toughness of the entire schedule, ranked anywhere from 5th to 10th most difficult in college football depending on which magazine, web, or wire service you pay attention to.

Bob DeCarolis was up next, he mentioned Raising Reser and had the best quote of the day, “We are going down to Baton Rouge for one reason – to win the damn football game.” Does he eat free chips and salsa with that mouth?

The new Alumni association headman was introduced. I asked around and, like me, nobody else could remember his name. All we could remember was that he mentioned Raising Reser and then slammed his former employer, Arizona, “There is one difference between Arizona and OSU. OSU knows how to win football games.” I hope he doesn’t quit OSU anytime soon.

Big news from the new Alumni association guy: The LSU game will be on the big screen at the Mission Theater in Portland. This is a great way for Beaver faithful to watch this historic game together.

Next up was the trio of Bill Swancutt, Derek Anderson and Jonathon Pollard modeling the new football uniforms and the results of off-season weight training. Preece interviewed each player asking them about their preparation for the LSU game, the upcoming season, and their thoughts on Raising Reser.

Mike Riley was the last person to be interviewed. Strangely enough, Riley did not mention Raising Reser. When asked about the Beavers’ preparation for the heat and humidity of the opening game, Riley said that the Beavers would deal with the heat by being in the best shape of their young lives.

The rally came to an end with Riley giving an interview to the local television stations, the players signing autographs for fans, and those in the crowd who had no idea what was going on (most of them) rushing the chip and salsa tables to snag any goodies that had not already been given away.

All in all, the rally was a success. I have only one question. Do the Hooters’ Girls wear green and gold at Duck rallies?

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