Road Trip: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Your complete guide to get the most out of your trip to Baton Rouge. Where to eat, what to see, and the scoop on parking -- straight from the mouths of LSU fans. 

Note: Most restaurants will have a small wait on game day, but most are worth the wait. * = the most recommended.

*Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant | 1031 West Lee Drive
Phone: (225) 766-7823 | MAP
Average entree is $15.  From "One of the most well-known seafood restaurants in the city, Mike Anderson’s gives you a slightly more upscale alternative to your typical seafood joint. With virtually every type of seafood you can think of on the menu and some great steaks too, you’re bound to find something you’ll love."  Comments from the fans: "You have to eat at Mike Anderson's seafood restaurant.. try the O-rings as an appetizer."

Parrain's Seafood | 3225 Perkins Road
Phone: (225) 381-9922 | MAP
Average entree is $10. From "Parrain’s is another well-known seafood spot in Baton Rouge. With something to suit any taste, this is a perfect place to go to for any occasion. A great menu item is the Black and Blue which is a piece of grilled tuna on a bed of pasta."

Chimes Restaurant & Oyster Bar | 3357 Highland Road
Phone: (225) 383-1754 | MAP
Seafood. Comments from the fans: "You gotta go to Chimes, great seafood, eclectic menu and beer collection, great atmosphere." - "This is a place to visit. Right at the gates of LSU and that creates great atmosphere. If you have some extra time and are in Baton Rouge, this place is a must."

* T.J. Ribs | 2324 S Acadian Thruway
Phone: (225) 383-7427 | MAP
Comments from the fans: "After the game TJ Ribs is a great place for a late night snack." - "Swing by TJ Ribs. It is located just off of the interstate. They have awesome ribs and they are also the home of Billy Cannon's Heisman Trophy(they also have one of Shaq's shoes... that thing is huge)." - "I like TJ ribs the best baby back ribs and the brisket is awesome." - "Best ribs in town, plus a chance to see some of your favorite LSU athletes...especially after a game."

Fleur-de-lis Cocktail Lounge | 5655 Government Street
Phone: (225) 924-2904 | MAP
Best pizza in town. Comments from the fans: "I recently moved from Baton Rouge, and Fleur de Lis is the place I miss the most. The pizza is the best, it even beats the pizza in New York City where I live now!"

Boutin's | 8322 Bluebonnet Blvd
Phone: (225) 819-9862 | MAP
Cajun & Creole food. Average entree price is $16. From "I recommend Boutin's as the first place to eat. Great food, great music in the evenings and decorated in a real Louisiana style with Cajun paintings on the wall. Also, there is a back deck that opens onto a bayou that you can feed the fish from the gum ball machine of fish food. It is a really neat bayou scene from the back deck of Boutin's." Comments from the fans: :"They've got the best blackened alligator. You Beavers can get some decent Cajun food there instead of the tofu and bean sprouts you're used to."

Pastime Restaurant & Lounge | 252 South Boulevard
Phone: (225) 343-5490 | MAP
Comments from the fans: "An LSU tradition and the greatest place on earth.  For pizza order shrimp with black olives or hamburger with onion. For poboys order the hot sausage, roast beef, or shrimp. When I die I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread on the floor of the Pastime. That way I know that no one will ever disturb me."

Walk-on's | 3838 Burbank Drive near Nicholson
Average entree is $10. From  "This is a nice place to eat and drink with your friends. A large, full-service bar acts as the center piece of this lively establishment. There are plenty of TV’s with various sporting events which cover the interior of the restaurant. One of the best and most unique items is the stuffed hamburger. The filling burger comes stuffed with mushrooms, bacon, cheese and onions along with a side of fries."

Superior Bar and Grill (Mexican, Govt. Street) | Ninfa's (Mexican, MAP) | Louies (MAP) | Serrano's Salsa Company (MAP) | Phil's Oyster bar (Seafood, MAP) | Caterie (MAP) | Varsity (Cafe, MAP) | Fox and Hound (MAP) | Southdowns Lougne (MAP) | The Station (MAP) | Slinky's (MAP)| Ralph & Kacoo's (Seafood, MAP)| Copeland's and Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro (Cajun, MAP)


What to See.

ESPN Gameday.
10:30 am at the LSU Parade Grounds (on Highland Road) on Saturday.

Golden Band/Pregame Show.
One or two hours before the game starts go stand along South Stadium drive (is that the hill?) and watch the Golden Band from Tigerland march down the hill and see LSU fans go wild.  Comments from the fans:  "You must be in the stadium for the pregame... it is unbelievable. Have a safe trip, and an enjoyable time in Baton Rouge." - "Make sure Beaver fans are in the stadium at least 25 minutes before kickoff so that they don't miss pregame. They may NEVER hear a louder stadium than the first time of the season that the band takes the field." - "Definitely be in the stadium extra early to see pregame. there's nothing like it. Plus expect delays getting into the stadium as we have major construction going on. Definitely get in line early."

The band will march down the street, NORTH Stadium Road about 3 p.m. It's like Mardi Gras except without the beads. And, as mentioned, be in your seats 30 min before kickoff for a show!

Mike the Tiger.
"Before entering the stadium, his cage on wheels is parked next to the opponent's locker room in the southeast end of the stadium. Opposing players must make their way past Mike's cage to reach their locker room." | More from



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  • Shuttle information from the City of Baton Rogue, includes stops around various venues in the area.  Many of the restaurants listed above (Pastime) have a shuttle stop nearby.
  • Driving directions from

Tips from the fans:
Park at the LSU Field House: The LSU field house is located just north of the Track stadium. If I were coming from New Orleans, I would take I-10 West and exit at 177 exit, Gonzales. At the red light turn left, this is Nicholson drive. From gonzales, stay on Nicholson, (aka LA. Higway 30) for about 20 miles. This will bring you right to LSU and tiger stadium. Pass up the stadium and the field house is about 100 yards on your right. You had better plan to get there real early. A lot of the parking places are gone due to construction at the stadium. I would find a place to park on the right before I would get to Tiger Stadium and just walk to the field house.

When they say real early, they mean about 8-10 a.m. if you want to park within a ½ mile or so. Don't try and rely on cell phone use either. On game days it is very difficult to get through. You will quite often hear the busy tone when you make your calls.

Park at the Mall of Louisiana: You can park at the Mall of Louisiana off of Bluebonnet and take a shuttle.

Take a shuttle: Parking is going to be a nightmare. I suggest going to the Pastime, get something to eat, then catch a shuttle bus to the game. Food is good but it's a classic joint with a LOT of local color (purple and gold).



Note: LSU is "supposedly" a dry campus, but pretty much anything goes. They started enforcing the drinking age a few years back by giving tickets to people under 21, but have seemed to slack off of that a little. open containers go. you can walk around campus with a beer can/bottle in your hand and not have to worry about it. don't worry about seeing a copy with a beer in your hand. you could probably offer the cop a beer and he'd take it!

I'm sure there will be more than enough coonasses willing to let you sample their cuisine.   Afternoon enjoy LSU tailgating festivities that should include visiting ESPN Game Day, LSU Tiger Band Entrance, etc..  Keep a open mind and should have a awesome time with friendly fans, great food and culture, and especially Saturday Night in Tiger stadium.

Stop by and chat with any LSU tail gating crew. You will enjoy good food and drink and hear "Tiger Bait".

ESPN GameDay will be something to see! Also, watching the LSU Band march into the stadium is cool! Check out the Krewe of Ragoo tailgating party is always fun. When I don't make it into the stadium ,I like watching the game on the BIG screen at the Varsity at the North Gates! If you don't know where nothing is just ask, someone will point you in the right direction.

Also, you can sneak alcohol into the stadium. They are very loose on checking at the gates. Just don't make it obvious as hell. Buy a plastic flask and hide it well in your pants.

Go to game day and then just walk through the motor home lot and anywhere around the campus. You will hear tiger bait quite a bit, but if you play it off and aren't a jerk, you'll will get fed more food and get more free alcohol that you probably will not have to worry about bringing anything with you to the game.




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