The Breakdown: Oregon State at LSU

A position by position comparision of Oregon State and LSU.


Both quarterbacks looked great during their team camps.  Marcus Randall is more mobile than Derek Anderson, but less experienced.  Anderson is ready mentally, physically and is extremely comfortable with the Beaver offense.

Running Backs

Each team has three running backs that will see playing time.  Each team has their starter, their third down back, and their bruiser.  The slight edge goes to LSU due to Justin Vincent's performance last year.

Offensive Line

Two All-American picks (Wilkeson and Whitworth) sit on the LSU offensive line automatically give the Tigers an edge.  Oregon State has two all-conference selections (Nienhuis and Brock), but have two new guys that will need to step up.

Wide Receivers

Yes, Skyler Green is a playmaker, but so is Mike Hass.  Each team is young at this position and will rely on their youth to provide them with plays.  We will have to wait and see which team's players step up.

Tight Ends

Oregon State has one of the better squad of tight ends in the country.  Joe Newton will play in the NFL while Dan Haines is one of the more athletic players on the team.  Pat Loney is an excellent blocker and while Jim Hanchett adds even more depth.  LSU's tight-ends are great at blocking, but not much else.

Defensive Line

Bill Swancutt is one of the best ends in the country.  Marcus Spears is becoming one of the best ends in the country. Both teams had to reload due to players departing for the NFL.


Jonathan Pollard and Trent Bray will be all-conference selections.  Keith Ellison beat out a very good player in Chaz Scott while the talented Derrick Doggett and Kevin Davidson add quality depth.  LSU is also very good good with Lionel Turner anchoring the backers, but OSU has more depth adn experience.


Both teams have great cornerbacks up for postseason awards.  Both teams have hard hitting safeties with a nose for the ball and both teams returned three of four starters from last year.

Special Teams

Flaky kicking for LSU and unproven kicking for OSU.  A highly touted freshman punter and a highly touted JC punter.  LSU has better coverage and a more explosive kick returner in Green.


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