Oregon State Coach and Player Quotes

What Mike Riley and some of his players had to say after Oregon State's 22-21 loss to LSU on Saturday, Sept. 4.


...On talking to Alexis Serna after the game

"I told him there is not a lot you can say. It feels bad, but you know just like all those other guys he worked hard and conscientious during our camp and we chose him to be our kicker in this game."

.... On trying to call a timeout during the PAT in overtime

"Well you know we have a timeout in overtime and I was calling timeout to think about it. Whether or not we should go for two because I thought it was pretty obvious to everybody that we played great defense but we were getting tired late in the game and in that first overtime. I just wanted to think about it. I didn't have my mind made up but we had one timeout in the overtime period, so I was going to use it. The ironic part of this is that I should have been able to get a call because now the new rule is I can call the timeout. But I couldn't get the attention of anybody. It was so loud and the linesmen are so far down there and I was already illegally on the field."

.... On playing the defending national champions

"You know what I loved about the game for our guys was the fact that they came here to play. They didn't let anything else get in the way. They just went out there and stood toe-to-toe and made a lot of plays, a lot of good football. Just like I had hoped that we would experience -- to come to a field like this and just play. That was my greatest wish for these players and they really did so I feel good about that. I am really sick about the loss because you guys know we will look at that and just see too many opportunities.


Dwight Wright TB

"Everyone is just trying to keep there head up now everyone is sad and it hurts a lot to lose a game in overtime like that.  It really hurts you in your heart but we've got 11 more games to go.  Everyone's just trying to pull together as a team and no one's trying to break away as individuals."

"I mean, you know.  LSU's a great team and they obviously won the National Championship so you can never count them out.  They can always make a big play at the end and there was never a doubt in my mind that we had to win because they can always come back."

Derek Anderson QB

"It really hurt.  I'm not going to lie.  We went out there a fought today.  I love my team and appreciate everything we did.  We tried hard out there and just came up a little short."

"I thought we had the momentum most of the game.  Their crowd was getting pretty quiet and the noise wasn't a factor.  It was just a new thing.  We went out there and executed."


LB Jonathan Pollard

...on LSU being a championship team

"I don't know. I guess it is the first game. I can't really say with it being the first game. I do know that we are up there too; I'm going to put us up there too. We don't care if it's SEC or Pac-10, that's a good rival, they should keep that up. They have good players, they are going to become good, but I don't know about national champions."

...on feeling like the game was a battle

"We practiced for four hours, we were getting ourselves prepared. We knew what was going to happen. So, we got ready for it."

...on carrying a moral victory out of the game

"I don't know. I just know that we have to be bigger players. We have to be men about this. This is a business..."

SS Sabby Piscitelli

...on being so close to winning and then losing

"It's hard. We worked real hard we expected to win. I think we out played them."

...on talking to Alexis Serna (PK) about staying motivated

"We can't blame anything on anybody. We all played our hearts out. We all did as best we can, and it's a team game."

...on LSU being a championship team

"I don't know. We are about us. It's all about us. We know what we have, and we know what we can do."

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