The message board has got all angles covered

The pundits have spoken or written and they all have had a lot to say. They have covered most of the angles concerning Saturday's game. <br><br> But, we need to hear from the real experts, the message board; they addressed every angle. Here are some of the comments made on the board since the game ended.

I have tried to misquote or edit for no clarity whenever possible. I have also thrown in some comments from fellow Beaver fans and some of the innumerable “friends” who felt compelled to call me the microsecond the game ended.

We may as well start with the two big ones right off the bat.

The place kicker angle (warning - not for the faint of heart, it’s brutal):
Chuckaduck – “If Serna makes A kick, any kick after a TD the game is over.”
KEP4OSU – “I feel tough for the kid, but hey, 3 missed extra points? I still haven't forgiven Cesca for missing two chip shot field goals in LA that would have given the beavs the win over the Trojans in 2001, and had us going 6-5 vs. 5-6.”
JohnnyRuss – “I am no longer mad at Randy Lund.”
Jamil – “Those missed extra point opportunities will always come back to bite you.”
FreddyFSU – “That was a heartbreaking loss. I know how it feels to lose on a kick; unfortunately more than once; unfortunately, probably costing us the NC more than once.”
Younsee – “He was given a scholarship to kick 19 yard field goals on muddy fields.”
BDO note: I feel horrible for Alexis Serna. It must have been a long flight back.

The blame the officials angle:
Runnerguy0040 – “Only thing Riley did not count on was horrible officials. Considering the officials called crucial penalties on OSU and let flagrant holding in the end zone by LSU I would agree. It is a shame those referees were doing the game...just horrible ”
Gouxgate – “They called some holding calls on the Beavs as the team was exhausted yet they didn't call them against lsu.”
LakeMaryTiger – “OSU got screwed all night long. Just be thankful that you only see SEC officiating once a year. We see it every week!”
greengoblin – “The kicker stunk...but this Duck said those SEC officials handed the tigers that one.”
Broncobambino – “ guys lost a tough, close, hard-fought game ON THE ROAD, where poor (biased) officiating played a major part in determining the outcome of the game.....hmmmm. That sounds awfully familiar to me for some reason. “ BDO note: You really have to appreciate this one, beautiful comment just beautiful.

The best angle on the previous two angles:
LSUTigerShark – “It's a damn shame they require the kicker to put it between the uprights before they award the points. And what were they thinking using referees? They should just let the players police themselves.”

The let’s turn on each other angle:
WhiteKnightSN – “I hate nacho eating, couch sitting, cry babies who like to call out players because they feel bad about something that they had no involvement in.”
BDO note: Ouch, come on WhiteKnightSN, quit beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel.

The realist angle:
Sarg1 – “No excuses from this fan, we had our chances, you had yours.”
Believer Tim – “Bottom line, you guys are 1-0 and we're 0-1. No excuses, both teams had their chances. It was a helluva fun game to watch though, wasn't it?”
Sarg1 – “All the ? marks have been answered. We came out, we answered the bell, we played with incredible HEART and we did what we could do. We could sit here all day and all night, doing the COULDA, WOULDA, SHOULDA routine. But in the end, its an L and we MUST move on!”

The ever the optimist angle:
Baldguy – “The Beavs’ Fiesta Bowl season had a missed kick play a prominent role. Maybe this is déjà vu all over again.”

The ever the pessimist angle:
GoBeavs1 – “This is just like being a Red Sox fan.”

The tired defense angle:
PatsiRuss – “The Beaver defense looked like it was treading grass at the end of the game.”

The Sabby Piscitelli is cute angle:
Aliciababy – “I think that number 24 is cute, I’m in one of his classes and I’m going to marry him one day, he just doesn’t know it yet.” BDO note: It is nice to know, that some fans have other things than the outcome of the games on their minds.”

The there are plenty more where that came from angle:
BDO – “Jump on to the message for more, lots more, commentary on but not limited to:

This week’s game, next week’s game.

The upcoming season.

Thoughts about other PAC-10 teams. Thoughts about fans of other PAC-10 teams, especially that team in Eugene.

Learn what USC fans think about LSU and their fans; learn what LSU fans think about USC and their fans.

There is lots of commentary on the intelligence of the person who doesn’t agree with you, the lineage of the person who doesn’t agree with you, the physical appearance of the person who doesn’t agree with you, the physical appearance of the spouse of the person who doesn’t agree with you, the physical appearance and intelligence of the pet of the person who doesn’t agree with you, the…

Try it, you’ll like it.

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