Road Trip: Boise, ID

Where to eat, what to see, and the scoop on parking straight from the mouths of Boise State fans.

Note: Many of the restaurants listed below will be closed after the game.

The Bardenay Restuarant | 610 Grove St.
Phone: 208.426.2538 | MAP
From "One of downtown's newest establishments also is the first restaurant and distillery in the nation. Bardenay, which is sailor's slang for cocktail, concocts its own vodka, rum, gin and whiskey. In addition to drinks comes an impressive Mediterranean-style menu. Entrees range from Oyster Fry to Rum Pepper Steak while its Warm Boarshead Pastrami and Corned Beef Reuben sandwiches are certain to satisfy. Besides the distillery, the spacious brick-walled eatery features 12 beers on tap served at its long, cherry-oak bar. Bring your appetite and alcohol tolerance, if necessary." | Read more from the Idaho Statesman Journal

Gernika Basque Pub and Eatery | 202 S. Capital
Phone: 208.344.2175 | MAP
From "At Bar Gernika, the menu strikes a nice balance between variety and brevity. You can enjoy such Basque dishes as solomo (marinated pork with peppers stuffed in a French roll at $6.50) or the traditional paella (ham, peppers, and seafood nested in saffron-infused rice at $7.50). An interesting selection of regional beer and wine is also featured -- after all, the Basque may work hard, but they play hard, too." | Read more from the Idaho Statesman Journal | Some history from BoyCBronk from "Basques are an ethnic group of people who migrated from their region that covered the Spanish-French border and were known in Idaho history for their agriculture and stock. They have developed an area in downtown that honors their history and contribution to the area. Boise has the largest group of Basques outside of Spain."

Ha'penny Bridge Irish Pub | 855 Broad St
Phone: (208) 343-5568 | MAP

Lock Stock & Barrel | 1100 W Jefferson St.
Phone: 208.336.4266 | MAP
From "This restaurant is locally famous for its prime rib. Diners will also want to try the delicious hand-carved steak, seafood, fresh fish and all-you-can-eat salad bar. Choose from 30 imported beers, or make a selection from the wine bar. Soft lighting enhances the pictures on the wall, while Old West accents and wooden furnishings set the stage for a ranch style atmosphere. | Read more from the Idaho Statesman Journal

Busters | 1326 Broadway Ave
Phone: (208) 345-5688 | MAP
Comments from the fans: "You will get him a chance to see a lot of pictures of past Bronco greats and meet a couple of hard core Broncos with the owners Lou and George."

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro | 108 S Capitol Blvd
Phone: | MAP
Comments from the fans:  "I have been going to Goldy's for several years now, and I have never been disappointed. It is truly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. I would consider a stop at Goldy's a must do whenever visiting Boise."

Cottonwood Grille | 913 W River St. Ste 913 (Just yards from campus)
Phone: 208.333.9800 | MAP
Comments from the fans: " It has great American cuisine with a PNW flavor, including salmon and trout." | Read more from the Idaho Statesman Journal

Epi's A Basque Restaurant | 1115 N Main St
Phone: (208) 884-0142 | MAP
Comments from the fans: "If you are looking for great food, ethnic flavor, an intimate setting, and the feeling like you are among family, get to Epi's! This small basque restaurant located in an old craftsman style home in the middle of old Meridian (a Boise suburb) makes you feel like you are sitting in the Ansoutegi family home, not their restaurant. Fantastic Food!"

Others: Emilio's (Italian, MAP) | Mai Thai (MAP)| Gamekeeper (MAP) | Lucky 13 Pizza (MAP) | Lots of good restaurants reside in Hyde Park


What to See.

Idaho Penitentiary.
Experience a part of Idaho history.  Served the Idaho Territory in the late 1800's through the 1970's, well after Idaho became a state.

Boise Art Museum.
Edgar Degas sculptures are on display currently.

Idaho Historical Museum.
Idaho's largest and move visited museum.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival.
I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change is playing.



  • Maps of the campus, campus parking and Boise from

From BoyCBronk: "This game is on Friday, so classes will be held that morning and afternoon. However, most Bronco fans will begin tailgating by about noon. If you plan on parking nearby, it is suggested that you arrive early afternoon (and be patient as students slowly leave the area). You won't likely find any parking on campus, because of classes being held, but you might find some residential areas nearby. Julia Davis Park, just north of Bronco Stadium may have parking for those arriving early."



  • Beaver fans are welcome at most tailgate parties--especially at the tailgate




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