Grool's keys to the game

Well that just sucked. I mean is there any other way to put it. Moral victory, BAH! Proud of our team...sure. But let's face it, if the Beavers let this game affect their psyche for the rest of the season, they are in for a long year. The Beavers must move on, and face the Broncos.

This is going to be a tough game.  On the other hand, if Oregon State plays like they did against LSU, it will be a blowout.  And I for one believe the odds of the men in black winning this one is VERY GOOD.  Here are the keys to the game:

1. Establish the Running Game
Seriously, our passing game looked sharp, our running unspectacular. It is time for the running back's to get going. The holes will be bigger, the linebacker's slower, and the statistics better.  Look for which ever running back gets the bulk of the carries to go for 100 plus and the next back to have over 60.

2. Make Boise State One Dimensional
Whether we shut down the running game or blanket the passing game, if we can do one well, we will win. The Broncos are good because they are balanced.  Take away their balanced attack and there will be a lot of three and outs. I would prefer no dimensional and the question I keep asking myself is, "How are they going to move the ball on OSU either way?"

3. Physically Dominate the Game
Pancake the defensive linemen, jam the receivers at the line, and run over the defenders.  Basically show BSU from the beginning that OSU has better athletes and physically make them quit. A good sign this is happening is when the opposing team is throwing their helmets on the sideline, and sometimes crying. Crying is a very good sign.

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