He called me Saturday morning...">
He called me Saturday morning...">

The Broncos were Spudtacular

Brad from Idaho {famous potatoes}, (a.k.a. The Weiser Workhorse) called me right before the game and asked for my prediction. He predicted a game won by three points or less. "It won't even be close," I told him. <br><br> He called me Saturday morning...

WW (Weiser Workhouse): You were right, the game wasn’t even close. You must feel great, you’re looking pretty in the prediction department.

BDO: Looking pretty is in the eye of the potato. I have to admit that the Broncos were spudtacular Friday night. They sliced, diced, shredded, chopped and did everything but make julienne fries out of OSU. But, as always seems to happen in a Beaver loss, the winning team got a little help from the Beavs’ miscues.

WW: Once again you are correct my crestfallen friend. I was a teeny bit worried after those first two touchdowns but the game really turned around on the first interception.

BDO: Yes, the crowd was kind of out of the game before Hall intercepted the ball and peeled off his nice run to the end zone. Perhaps the Beavs should have recruited him as their “other” receiver.

WW: I thought that there would be more emphasis on the running game and more passing to the tight end.

BDO: I know what you mean, most OSU spectaters were wondering the same thing. In the words of Brian Meehan (The Oregonian), the game plan “took a sabbatical after the first 20 plays.”

WW: Derek Anderson has had many games like this one, it seemed like it was either a touchdown or interception.

BDO: I yam in agreement with you and know many people feel that way. It’s either feast or famine between the hash marks for Derek. I know Brooks Hatch (Gazette Times) feels that way, “The enigma that is Derek Anderson reared its mysterious head again Friday on a beautiful September evening in Idaho's {famous potatoes} Treasure Valley.”

BDO: There is also no doubt that your spuddy buddy Chadd Cripe (Idaho {famous potatoes} Statesman Journal) feels that way, “Oregon State tried a rally of its own behind Mike Hass. The junior wideout was the only player who hurt the Broncos all night, and he was flat-out scary. Hass rolled up 12 catches for a Pac-10-record 293 yards and three touchdowns. If Anderson wasn't throwing an interception, he was tossing it perfectly to Hass.”

WW: Mike Hass did play an excellent game. But you can’t win against a good football team like the Broncos unless you spread the ball around.

BDO: You have got that right, Derek Anderson is going to have to throw to some other receivers. Maybe Derek doesn’t trust any of the other receivers yet. On two of his interceptions the ball bounced out of the receivers’ hands like a hot potato. Once again in the words of Brian Meehan concerning blame for the loss, “…blame the failure of any receiver to take pressure off Hass.”

WW: Enough about the offense, how about them Special Teams!?

BDO: Ouch, Sam Paulescu looked good. However, I really got fried at the half-baked kick return guys. I think that Yvenson Bernard will be an excellent return man in the future but he has a wee bit of maturing to do. Brooks Hatch says it best, “Yvenson Bernard was expected to add some excitement and explosiveness into kick returns. Cardiac arrest also became part of the equation Friday.”

WW: Last but surely not least, were you surprised by the performance of the defense?

BDO: Surprised would be the understatement of the year. The Bronco offense mashed the Beaver defense. I was very impressed with the Bronco play calling. The Broncos answered when the Beaver offense would score and that would chip away at what little confidence the Beavers had. The OSU defense looked slow but I couldn’t tell if it was the aftereffects of the LSU game or that they were confused by BSU’s excellent play calling.

WW: How about that BSU offensive line!?

BDO: The BSU offensive line played a great game OSU linemen were pancaked play after play. My blood boiled when BSU made the 4th and 1 play look easy. I wish Dwan Edwards was still playing in Corvallis.

WW: I cannot remember Bill Swancutt ever being dominated like that. Will this game affect him negatively?

BDO: No way, he had a bad game but he has a super-sized heart and he’ll be back.

WW: Does this affect the way Alicia feels about #24?

BDO: No, Sabby is still the sweet potato of Alicia’s eye.

WW: So, what about the rest of the year?

BDO: There is no need to whine, that would be sour cream. Friday’s game was a blight on Beaver Nation but I haven’t abandoned ship. Two games does not make a season au rotten. As long as there is another game, there is always hope. And, at least the Red Sox won!!!

Idaho {famous potatoes} Brad said something about the upcoming Fresno State Game and hung up.

In the end, no amount of bad potato jokes or references could dampen his spirits. Too bad.

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