Beavermobile Trip Report

Well...that hurt. If someone had told me that our defense would give up 50 plus, the first thing I would have done is laughed in their face...especially if I was told that it was Boise State. <br><br> Argh.

Well, without further ado, I’ll get on with the trip report. As planned, the Beavermobile hit the road at 7 a.m. on Friday morning. A quick stop for some coffee and we were headed for The Dalles. Turns out that four people and their gear inside the van along with “aerodynamic limitations” (read: all the stuff on the top, not least of which the mannequin) creates a significant drop in top speed while climbing a grade of any significance-- even the slight ones in the Gorge. I wondered what climbing the Blues would be like.

Still, we arrived in The Dalles on schedule, at 9, for breakfast at Cousins restaurant. Plenty of OSU fans in attendance there, and some of the wait staff came out for a quick look at the van. The hostess was a sweet little lady, and she produced a Polaroid to take a picture of the Beavermobile in front of the restaurant, though her manager (no doubt a duck fan) put the kibosh on the deal. Not sure what that was all about.

We left The Dalles a little late thanks to an inept gas station attendant who couldn’t figure out how to fill the tank on the van, and some supply stocking that went a little out of control at Fred Meyer. We hit the road at 10:30 or so and pointed the van East. Co-pilot and I amused ourselves by blasting the air horn at every truck we passed by, and shouting over the PA at every Beaver vehicle we saw. The women watched a movie in the back on the TV we picked up at Fred Meyer.

We stopped in Pendleton to fuel up and grab a bite to eat for lunch. Wendy’s hit the spot and we began the long climb up Cabbage Hill into the Blues. Plenty of honks of encouragement as we rose into the mountain range, and the Beavermobile kept chugging along, though not at any kind of record-breaking pace. We reached the summit (4,193 feet) at 1:30 p.m., and everyone in the van cheered. Another stop for fuel in Baker City, and we stopped in Ontario to get OA’s favorite uncle. Who walked out wearing a Boise State shirt.


He did gain a little favor back by showing us the Oregon State shirt he was wearing under his Boise State shirt though.

We arrived in Boise a little behind schedule, at 5:45 p.m. local time. We did have a stadium parking pass waiting for us, thanks to the guys, but unfortunately the stadium lot was full. Once again, the guys came through, somehow talking security into allowing just one last vehicle into the stadium lot. We picked up Navalbronco and his crew a half mile from the stadium and they all piled in, as we drove through with the fight song blaring over the PA. A wrong turn took us around the North end of the stadium by the river, where we passed the OSU marching band, Benny, and the cheerleaders. The guys didn’t seem to mind the detour as they admired the scenery and complimented our talent level in the cheerleading department.

We got hold of Broncovan on the radio and figured out where we were needing to go and turned around. As the van crept through the crowd, one of the funniest moments of the trip happened when Navalbronco’s father jumped out to challenge the manhood of a 6-5, 270 pound Polynesian Boise fan who refused to move out of the way for the Beavermobile to creep through. I would estimate Navalbronco’s father’s age to be approximately 70.

A loop around the parking lot with the Broncovan drew a wide assortment of reactions, from good-natured boos, fans thanking us for making the trip, and one slightly inebriated fellow who offered to drive the van around the lot for me. There were also pockets of OSU fans who cheered wildly and thanked us for making the trip, including a woman who introduced herself as Derek Anderson’s mother. Turns out that the slapping sounds we heard as we rolled through the parking lot were Boise fans generously adding Boise State stickers to the exterior of the van as well. Luckily they came off easily.

We got the van parked in next to the Broncovan and wandered over to the BroncoCountry tailgater, gathering jello shots and welcome shouts from Boise fans along the way. Some tailgating and relaxing later, and we headed in for the game.

The trip home was largely uneventful, with mostly OSU fans giving us the thumbs up and waving with a sad smile, arriving home around 8 p.m. on Saturday. The jersey on the mannequin is a little worse for wear and we’ll have to replace that with a 28 jersey before the New Mexico game this weekend. Hass is the man.

Quick stats, insignifica, and raw data…

Miles traveled: 893

Gallons of fuel consumed: 147.2

Dollars spent on fuel: 317

Chances that we’ll drive the van 1300 miles round trip to the Stanford game: 0

Number of thumbs-up received on the way to Boise: 37

Number of times we got the bird: 1

Number of times we wished we had the water cannon hooked up: 1

Number of vehicles to slow to 45 mph to take pictures of the van: 1

Asses hanging out of the window during said pictures: 0 (sorry Richard, we’ll do better next time)

Number of truckers startled by blasting air horn: 12

Number of truckers who attempted to pursue the less-than-fleet Beavermobile after a horn blast: 1

Top speed of said pursuit: 62 mph

Number of truckers who honked back and waved instead: 14

Number of hot co-eds who slowed down to wave and flirt with OA and co-pilot: 2

Percentage of happy faces in the back , where the girls were watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights: 0

Number of coeds to flash OA and co-pilot: 0

Percentage of happy faces in the front between OA and co-pilot when the coeds drove on: 0

Number of Boise State stickers plastered on the van: 27

Number of times the van broke down and needed AAA assistance: 0

Number of cute Boise State coeds who offered to console OA after the loss: 3

Scale of 1-10, how happy OA’s gf was about this: -9

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