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Mike Riley, Brandon Browner, and Joe Newton talk with the media.

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley
"There are too many things to point the finger at on what went wrong tonight and I just don't have enough fingers.The first half really told the tale of the game. We had a chance for our second touchdown and we fumbled into the end zone. Then, we absolutely just gave them a touch down when we fumbled again right before the half.It spiraled from there as we just disintegrated and gave them a 14-point swing going into halftime."

On the momentum shift in the second quarter:
"It was a big swing.I don't know exactly what the turning point was because it was kind of hard to tell, but that was definitely where the big swing in the game occurred. On our third series, we went down the field and got a touch down. It wasn't long after that we fumbled and gave the ball right back to them. We played a horrible field position game."

On the OSU penalties and personal fouls:
"Well I think that gave them another touch down for sure. It was part of our play that was absolutely unnecessary. ASU earned this victory. They did what they needed to do, but we gave them at least two of the their scores."

Oregon State CB Brandon Browner

On coming out of the game:
"I cramped up and that's why I came out the game. Physically, I feel fine."

"We made lots of mistakes on offence and defense, but our defense and offense played hard."

On talking in the media prior to the game:
"The comments made during the week were blown out of proportion. Talkingon the field doesn't matter, but there will be no more talkingon my part."

"We are frustrated and not happy at all we just lost the game. We need to refocus and go back to the drawing board. The Sun Devils are a good team and they play hard. The only positive outcome of the game is that we played hard."

Oregon State TE Joe Newton
On the fumble (in the end zone):
"Ball security is the most important thing. We get that hammered into us at practice every day. It is the most important thing, you need the ball. If you turn the ball over all the time it will hurt you. They [Arizona State] capitalize on stuff like that. That will really hurt you. I thought I had scored, but apparently I wasn't. It was just stupid on my part. I get told to keep the ball high and tight every day. I had relaxed a little bit. That's when you're going to get hurt."

On what happened tonight:
"I don't know if I can put my finger on anything. We made a lot of mistakes. On a lot of errors that we normally wouldn't make, they did a great job of coming back and making plays.

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