OSU coach and player quotes

Quotes from Mike Riley, Aric Williams and Mike Hass following OSU's 24-19 victory over Stanford.

Head Coach Mike Riley:
It was hard to watch (Stanford's comeback). It didn't surprise me that it was going to be like that because they were just hanging around. We came out in the second half and did nothing for a long time. I'll give them (Stanford) credit - that's how they've played all year. Their team fights hard. They are a much improved team.

I was really proud of our football team. We had good production in the first half and our defense came up time and time again with big stops and major plays. I was very excited about how we played defense really all day long. I thought our punter was terrific. I thought our kicker stepped up at the end and made a huge kick. I thought we had a great drive at the end of the fourth quarter to basically win the game. There was just a lot of good stuff for our football team. They played hard. There was a lot of good football. I'm really proud of how we won it.

Derek (Anderson) had some tight windows and hard stuff. On the very first play of the game, we thought we had it in there. We thought we'd put the ball in there and he threw the ball right over his head and (Stanford's) guy dropped a little further than we thought and made a great play. We obviously have to make some better choices but then he did make some great throws.

(On getting into a bowl game) Already being in one would be the perfect setup. For everybody concerned (with the Civil War game against Oregon) it's awesome. Everything is out there. Everything is set. It's all right there. We're playing the Ducks and we have a chance to go to a bowl game.

I think it's great. We keep battling for respectability and identity (for our team). We took a step forward today.


Aric Williams:
We're always ready. We're always on our toes in the red zone. We always have to be ready as a defensive unit. They just took a lot of shots at us but we came out on top.

We play good with our backs to the wall, especially when we get close to the red zone. We didn't let them in. You have to play that much harder when they get inside the 20.

He (Ostrander) made some good throws. I was studying (Edwards) all week. (Ostrander) made some good throws though.

One more game and then we can talk about a bowl game. Right now, it's that Civil War and that's going to be a big game. It would be even if it wasn't for a bowl game. We'll play our hearts out.


Mike Hass:
One of us is going to go to a bowl game. It comes down to the Civil War and we wouldn't want it any other way. It should be fun. They (Oregon) lost tonight. I would be ready to play tomorrow.

He (Anthony Wheat-Brown) came up with a lot of catches in key situations. That was really big. It was a way to control the ball.

They (Stanford) have that 3-4 defense. It makes the holes (passing lanes) a little bit smaller. We found a way to get it done.

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