Coach and player quotes

Coach and player quotes from the 108th Civil War on Nov. 11, 2004.

Head coach Mike Riley:
On preparing for a bowl game... "We've got to keep this momentum going," coach Mike Riley said. "But I don't think we can start practicing on Monday. I would like to, but we'll have to wait, I guess. I'm not too sure what the procedure will be right now."

On the Civil War... "I don't know what to say, I really don't.  "I'm really excited, and I'm really proud of our football team. We put it all together and played a great game. It's all good right now."

"It was a great night for the Beavers," Oregon State coach Mike Riley said. "It was a great plan by our coaching staff, and great overall play in every phase of the game."

On OSU winning their last five of six games... "We played a lot of good football. We kept talking about that, but nobody wants to hear about that when you've lost.  So even though we were playing some good football, and we were competing very well, we weren't getting the wins. 

"The key was to turn it around and we did, and we did persevere and we're in a very good spot right now because we're playing good football."

On Derek Anderson... "Some tremendous, tremendous throws.  I don't know what his stats were, they had to be unbelievable."

On OSU's seniors... "I'm really excited for them.  "It was a great way to finish off against the Ducks and now playing in a bowl game is another great way to top it off."

On preparation for the Civil War..."I will never admit this during the week, even if I think I know it," Riley said. "But I thought we practiced well. I liked our intensity and our enthusiasm. Everything had the right edge about it. I was really impressed. Even in our Friday walk-through, we ran 22 plays, just bang. I told (offensive coordinator Paul Chryst), ‘That was really good.'


QB Derek Anderson:
On the Civil War... "If I get into a good rhythm, a good flow into the game, I just get unconscious out there and I just throw it."

"I was hoping for 70."

"Guys made plays for me today and made my job easy.  It feels great right now. You can't ask for anything more than a win over the Ducks."

"That's the first time in my career I think that I ever finished with positive rushing."

"We just kept going and kept responding to every time they scored. We were hungry today."

"It feels great to win this," Anderson said. "It was a good win today. I'm pretty excited that the guys stayed focused. I'm just happy for the seniors."

On the Beavers' turn around... "We just kept going; we didn't give up.  We got better and it showed (against Oregon)."

On going to a bowl game... "It doesn't matter.  The Sun Bowl sounds kind of nice. It all depends on how everybody finishes."


WR Mike Hass:
On beating the Ducks... "We're going to a bowl game, and the Ducks aren't.  That's all I can ask for."

On Derek Anderson... "He's taken so much hard press from people about things he's done. You saw tonight just how good he is."

"He's taken some criticism from the press over the years, but you saw what he could do today," Hass said. "I wish he had one more year."

On the Beavers' turn around... "We were pretty down.  All we could do is go play game-by game. We had to win five of our last six, and that's what we did."

"We knew we could. A lot of people said, ‘They can't do it,' but we just kept faith in ourselves."

"And we came though."

"We played ranked teams every week, it seemed like.  We knew we had the softer part of our schedule coming up, and that we could do it. It worked out."


SS Mitch Meeuwsen:
On beating the Ducks... "It's good to keep the bowl streak going.  "We had to win the Civil War, that was the biggest thing."

On OSU's turn around... "During that bye week, we believed that we could beat everybody who was left on our schedule/  We almost did it."

"We did what we wanted to do: finish with a winning season and get to a bowl game."


DE Bill Swancutt:
On defeating UO... "Our offense put points on the board for us and we came out and we knew we had to shut them down and not let them get any momentum. We were able to do that and keep things rolling from there on in."

On Derek Anderson... "This was big for (Anderson).  He's had a harsh career. It was a good way for him to whoop it up on the Ducks. Through all the booing this year, he didn't let it get to him."

On his last home game as a Beaver... "It was a perfect way to end it at home," Swancutt said. "I couldn't have imagined a better way to go out."

"My last home game, I had to go out with a bang," Swancutt said. "I came out and tried to wreak some havoc."

On his first interception... "When the guy blocked down, I saw the running back coming at me and I realized what it was.  They didn't fool me on it my last home game. I finally figured out the play. I just stepped in front of the ball. I was trying to score with it, but I think my own guy ended up tackling me."

On the faked field goal... "I didn't think we were ever going to run it this year," he said. "I thought it was just the type of thing to fool around with. I thought it was a last-second thing at the end of a game."

On starting 1-4 and finishing 5-1... "We started off the season really inexperienced, a lot of new guys in there and they've progressively gotten better and better every week, which takes a lot of pressure off me.  They're not as able to double-team me and stuff."

On going to a bowl game... "It's real big, none of us wanted to end our season short. After starting the season off one and four we knew we wanted to make something of the season and we were able to do so. We turned things around and made the best of the season."


PK Alexis Serna:
On hitting all five field goals verus Oregon... "It was good to go out there and do that.  I knew I could do that, and I'm glad the coaches had confidence in me. This game is up there for sure, especially against the Ducks. And it was good for the seniors."


WR George Gillett:
On starting versus Oregon... "This was a good way to finish the home season.  It was exciting to show people George is still here, and he can make plays. I was able to show the new fans I can play, and old ones that I can still play."

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