Beaver Bytes - Insight Bowl edition

A good portion of Beaver Nation would have preferred a match up with Purdue in the Sun Bowl, but traveling to Arizona almost guarantees more orange and black fans at the game while increasing OSU's exposure to high school recruits in the Phoenix area.

The outcome of the 2001 Fiesta Bowl helped immensely with recruiting in 2001 and another strong showing against Notre Dame could do the same. The following players signed with the Beavers in 2001.

  • Offensive lineman Brent Bridges (suspended)
  • Brandon Browner (starting cornerback)
  • Ryan Cole (second string running back)'
  • Adam Koets (starting left tackle)
  • Josh Linehan (starting left guard)
  • Kellen Marshall (recovering from knee injury)
  • Joe Newton (starting tight end)
  • J.C. Ronnfeldt (practicing, but being held out, out of shape)
  • Joe Rudolph (suspended)
  • Brandon Scales (practicing, but grades are holding him out)
  • Ben Siegert (starting defensive tackle)
  • Lawrence Turner (graduated, had some tryouts with NFL teams)
  • Harvey Whiten (hampered by injuries, could start next year at strong safety)
  • Brandon Lockheart (left program)
  • Brandon Catanese (left program)
  • Deondre Alexander (left program)
  • Issac Aronson (left program)
  • Anton Clarkson (left program)
  • Robert Herbert (left program)
  • Tone Taupule (left program)
  • Josh Davies (did not qualify)
  • James Finely (did not qualify)
  • Arthur Giddens (did not qualify)

Not confident.
The Notre Dame supporters aren’t too excited about facing the Oregon State passing attack that is averaging 304 yards per game. The Irish defense on average gives up 274 yards through the air per game and has grabbed just nine interceptions through 11 games.

Giligan96 had this to say about the Beaver passing attack and the ND secondary:
“Our secondary will get fried. OSU averages about 80 yards rushing per game and 300 passing. They are also playing much better now than at the start of the season, yes an improving football team over the course of a season, something ND fans find hard to come by.

I have asked myself over the past 3 days if we just committed football program suicide, and I know a lot of you have as well. I don’t know how the new coach is going to recruit a decent class in one month, while other teams have been working recruits for 10-11 months. The hard part is re-assuring the players on the team to stay or buy-in to the new coaching staff. ugghh!

LAIrishFan echoed Giligan96’s sentiments and had a little more insight into what the Irish might to do try and slow the Beavers’ air attack.
”In fact I'd expect them to lose unless they make some serious adjustments.

The only thing that seems to have remotely worked against passing teams is rushing 3 and double-teaming the opponent's WR. But then, they're going to QB scramble or dump off to the RB all day.

Unless the Irish can score on about half of their possessions, I can't see them staying in the game with Oregon State, who's on a hot streak (5 wins in the last 6 games).

It's tough being an Irish fan.”

No comment.
When Mike Riley was asked if he thought California was robbed, he declined to say what he thought. But he did say, “I have a strong feeling about our conference this year and our place in this deal. I really don't know what it all means. I think it's unfortunate, but ... that's all."

Riley on the 2001 Fiesta Bowl.
“That was a crossroads game, a monumental game in the recent history of Oregon State football - part of that rejuvenation, for sure, of Oregon State football. That did have an impact on the perception of Oregon State football and where it was headed, I suppose. And all of that affects recruiting."

Remember when.
Nine current Beavers, including six starters, were part of the Notre Dame massacre in 2001.

  • Center Matt Brock
  • Wide receiver George Gillett
  • Tight end Pat Loney
  • Strong safety Mitch Meeuwsen
  • Right tackle Doug Nienhuis
  • Linebacker Jonathan Pollard
  • Quarterback Adam Rothenfluh
  • Cornerback Aric Williams
  • Running back Dwight Wright

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