Player and coach quotes

Oregon State player and coach quotes from the 16th annual Insight Bowl.

Head coach Mike Riley
On Derek Anderson's performance the past few weeks... "If you look at us over the last six or seven weeks, it was just a great, great job of quarterbacking.  I think Derek probably made a lot of money in the last few weeks."

On Sammie Stroughter's 52-yard punt return and Derrick Doggett's blocked punt.... "We've been pretty good in special teams this year, but we haven't gotten the big plays like that.  And then when we got that kind of a lead, I knew it was going to be hard for them to come back."

On OSU's seniors... "This team will be a great memory for our coaching staff.  This team has accomplished a lot. After a 1-4 start, we beat Oregon, swept the Northwest schools and won a bowl game. This team has made its mark and has done it under trying circumstances. It's a unique deal to come back like we did."

On Derek Anderson...  "Derek has gotten better consistently over a period of it. It's been fun working with him. He's like a sponge. He lover to learn and get better. I wish we had another year with him.

On OSU winning back to back bowl games...  "It's a story like Kansas State's. Playing in bowl games and competitively, we'd like to take it up a notch and win the conference and get to the Rose Bowl, but the consistency if a very good sign and something to build on. 

On the 2004 schedule... "The schedule was good for us. It took its toll early, but through the year, it helped us. It made a major difference."


DE Bill Swancutt
On beating Notre Dame... "It felt good to come out and get a big win like this.  We kind of jumped on them early."

On his last game in an Oregon State uniform... "It feels real good to win.  You always remember your last game. I enjoyed every minute off this one."


LB Trent Bray
On defeating Notre Dame... "We played like we always do.  The defensive line did a good job and the linebackers filled the holes. They had nowhere to run."


QB Derek Anderson
On defeating the Irish... "There were some things that we took advantage of," Anderson said. "Their ball skills weren't all that great, and we knew could get them turned around on some plays."

On Notre Dame's defensive backs... "When we talked before the game, we kind of downplayed the opportunities we thought we would have with the passing game.  Their cornerbacks' ball skills weren't the best. We knew we could attack them. We turned them around a few times."

On Mike Hass dropping a few passes... "Mike had a few drops today, but we played well enough to win. that;s all that matters."

On winning the last game of his Oregon State career...  "It was great. The Oregon game was a great game for our seniors, to go out at home like that but this was an exclamation point on the season and what we've done and where we came from."

On Notre Dame's front seven...  "Their front seven are good. They made it difficult on us, filling the gaps and making the running game hard for us."

On OSU's 12 play 90-yard drive... "We talked about it on the sidelines. Let's go answer it. We made some plays and got it in the end zone."


TE Joe Newton
On Derek Anderson... "Derek made some beautiful throws.   He made it pretty easy for me. (Notre Dame has) stopped the run all year. We had to take our shots where we could, and that was with the passing game."


WR Mike Hass
On his play and Derek Anderson... "It was a pretty rough night for me, but we made a lot of plays.  I was surprised how sharp Derek was after our month-long layoff. He was pinpoint all night. I'm glad we won -- 7-5 has a different ring to it than 6-6.

On the 2004 season... "This season was a roller coaster ride. One down loop and then a huge upswing. To beat Notre Dame in a bowl game, it means a lot."


S Mitch Meeuwsen
On defeating Notre Dame... "We knew if we could stop the run, and get them into a throwing game, we could beat them like we did four years ago."

On winning his final game in a Beaver uniform... "It was good to go out like this.  It means everything to win here. I didn't want to go out with a loss in my last game."

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