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See who the Beavers received letter of intents from today and what Dennis Erickson had to say about the recruits.

  The 2002 Oregon State football recruits were announced today in the usual grey, wet Oregon weather that we have grown to love. Dennis Erickson said this year's class is comparable to last year's class, but may be a little faster. If you have been following Oregon State recruiting you may have seen two trends, the Beavers are going after offensive lineman and defensive backs.

  Out of the twenty-two recruits five were offensive lineman and eight were defensive backs. Six of the recruits come from Junior colleges while sixteen come from high school. Erickson expects all the recruits to qualify and be here in the fall for football camp.

 Erickson began the press conference with what the football team was looking for, which were offensive lineman and defensive backs. He said they lost many recruiting battles, but won more than they lost. One unnamed recruit was mentioned that the Beavers will still working on. That recruit may be Albert Toeaina, a 6-5, 325 pound offensive lineman from Pittsburgh (Calif.) who will announce his decision tonight. He also said many of the recruits are very good athletes and are not set to play an offensive or defensive position. Each recruit will play where he can have the greatest impact which may be at defensive back or wide receiver.

  Erickson listed a few recruiting guidelines that he uses. The Beavers evaluate the player on how well he will fits into the system, how he plays, and what kind of person he is. Each school has their own criteria for what they look for in a recruit. The recruiting rankings from various websites mean nothing because some recruits won't qualify, while others have to go on church missions for a few years. Erickson would prefer the rankings to come out three years down the road after the kids have had some playing time and the chance to contribute to the football team.

  After the "recruiting guidelines" Erickson read the list of recruits starting with the seven JC players and ending with the fifteen high school players. What he said about each recruit follows.



Junior College Players -- Already on campus

  • Brent Bridges, OG,
    -- 3 years to play, can play as a guard or the center
  • Brandon Catenese, S
    -- Out of Shasta Community College, a great hitter who can run
  • Lawrence Turner, S
    -- Compared Turner to Seigler, played on the championship team for San Francisco Community College

Recruited out of High School, but went to Junior college because of grades

  • Deondre Alexander, WR
    -- All-state receiver, with 3 years of eligibility, very fast and will provide the Beavers with a deep threat
  • Brandon Lockheart, OL
    -- Played where Eric Manning played
  • Harvey Whitten, S or CB
    -- 3 years to play, will graduate in the spring, ran 100 meters in 10.5 seconds

High School Recruits

  • Issac Aronson, OT
  • Brandon Browner, DB or WR
    -- Very fast
  • Ryan Cole, RB
    -- Gatorade player of the year
  • Josh Davies, S or CB
    -- Came to the Beaver camp in the summer with Robert Herbert
  • Robert Herbert, S or CB
  • James Finely, WR
    -- One of the best wide receivers Erickson has seen in a long time, physical, and will compete for a starting position
  • Arthur Giddens, WR
    -- Teammate of James Finely, was player of the game at an all-star game in California
  • Adam Koets, OL
  • Josh Linehan, OL or DE
    -- Loves to play the game, close with the family
  • Kellen Marshall, CB
    -- Ran 100 meters in 10.7 seconds as a junior
  • Joe Newton, TE
    -- May be the best recruit of the class, can run and catch, may play this year
  • J.C. Ronnfeldt, OL
    -- Wanted to get out of Washington and not go to a huge school
  • Joe Rudolph, DE
    -- Fast, tall and has plenty of potential
  • Brandon Scales, DE
    -- Runs the high hurdles
  • Ben Siegert, LB
    -- Really fast, has a great attitude, Erickson really likes him
  • Tone Tauple, LB
    -- "Runs like a deer"


-- Dennis said the indoor practice facility helped a lot with recruiting this year and is helping with the football players this year.

-- A media member asked about the quarterback situation. Erickson says he has few deals up his sleeve and we may see a very good quarterback come August.

-- Shayne House is recovering well, pain free, and back to where he was when the Beavers recruited him.

-- Erickson said he is very excited about having Fresno State back on the schedule. He sounded like he wants revenge. Circle the Fresno State game on your calendar.

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