Pre-Spring Report: Linebackers previews the Oregon State linebackers heading into spring ball.


Oregon State has been putting linebackers on All-Pac-10 teams for almost a decade. Jonathan Pollard was hurt most of 2004 and did not have the big season that everyone had hoped. Keith Ellison had a superb year and the always-reliable Trent Bray was near the top in the league for tackles. Chaz Scott also had a decent year and we got a glimpse of some of the up and coming talent.

The veteran(s):
Senior Keith Ellison, much like the defensive line, got better as the year progressed. Ellison took a few games to adjust to Pac-10 ball, but when things clicked he contributed in a big way. Look for Ellison to have another solid year and perhaps grab post-season honors. Sophomore Derrick Doggett will be part of the four-man rotation. Long, lanky and a big hitter Doggett will take be a starter in a year.

Senior Trent Bray continues to put up big numbers and is one of the most underrated players in the conference. He is not fast, but has a nose of the ball and rarely misses a tackle. Bray will be a post-season honors candidate as well.

Senior Chaz Scott is one of the emotional leaders of the defense and saw his time on the turf increase with Pollard battling injuries. Fast and mean Scott loves to hit, but sometimes his emotions get the best of him.

The new guy(s):
Sophomore Alan Darlin spent 2004 learning the system and refining his technique. Playing behind the fundamentally sound Bray will only benefit the underclassmen in the future.

Sophomore Andy Darkins shed his baby fat and started to bulk up late in the season. Darkins is more in the Trent Bray mold, but still needs to work on his technique and reacting to the ball.

Redshirt freshman Isaiah Cook was a late qualifier last year and is a little behind the curve practicewise. Cook will focus on his fundamentals during spring ball and could be another good one.

Spring ball:
Yeah, yeah, yeah - you've heard Mike Riley call Oregon State Linebacker U, and if you have been at long you have also heard us refer to OSU as Linebacker U as well. Well, believe the hype.

With the trio of experienced game proven seniors at the linebacking positions the Beavers will once again have one of the top units in the conference. The coaches are excited about Doggett and his role with the team could grow. Darlin and Darkins have their work cut out for them and will need to work hard to get playing time.

Cook is the wildcard and he could push for playing time. There are also a handful of walk-ons that will be practicing with the team as well.

One to watch:
Derrick Doggett. He is a freak of nature, who is athletically gifted, long and mean. Doggett is the type of player who will bring the fans to their feet and the opposing players to their knees.

LB Roster:

  • SB: Keith Ellison (6-2, 223) - senior, fundamentally sound and getting better
  • SB: Derrick Doggett (6-3, 296) - sophomore, huge upside and has a chance to contribut
  • MB: Trent Bray (6-1, 229) - senior, a workhorse whom the team can count on, one of the leaders on defense
  • MB: Alan Darlin (6-1, 257) - sophomore, faces an uphill battle for playing time
  • MB: Eddie Stamm (6-2, 227) - redshirt freshman, walk-on, second year in the program
  • WB: Chaz Scott (6-2, 218) -senior, one of the emotional leaders of the defense
  • WB: Andy Darkins (6-2, 228) - sophomore, still refining his technique
  • WB: Isiah Cook (6-2, 204) - redshirt freshman, late qualifier with a exciting future
  • WB: Evan Smith (6-1, 195) - redshirt freshman, walk-on second year in the program

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