BeaverBytes - Apr. 9-15

News and notes on Oregon State Beaver football and men's basketball from Apr.9-15.


  • listed Bill Swancutt as the eleventh best defensive end in the draft calling Oregon State's all-time sack leader a "workaholic."
  • Florida Today's Carl Kotala listed Swancutt as the tenth best defensive end in the draft calling Swancutt "simply relentless."
  • The battle between Adam Speer and Kyle DeVan for the center position is heating up.

    "Right now we don't have any starting spots," Speer told the Gazette Times. "Everything is wide open. Guys are getting shifted all over the place. Everything is up for grabs. I'm just working hard, being aggressive and playing until the whistle blows."
  • All five of the seniors on the Oregon State men's basketball team have graduated or are on track to graduate.

    "We've put a lot of time and effort in to get our kids looking at academics," assistant coach Jeff Reinert told the Gazette Times. "We're putting our eggs in two baskets," basketball and schoolwork, and succeeding at both.
  • Forward Sasa Cuic will return next year while forward Kenny Hooks has transferred to be closer to home.  Read more from the Barometer.
  • Former Beaver forward David Lucas put in a fine showing at the Portsmith Invitational where he averaged  14.3 points and 5.0 rebounds in three games, earning a spot on the all-tournament team.

    "It was a great experience," Lucas said. "There was a lot of competition. I enjoyed myself. It was even more intense than Pac-10 games because everyone out there wants to play for a living.

    "I spoke to a lot of agents, who told me what they thought, told me what the scouts thought. They told me what they liked and what I need to improve.

    "I'm obviously not going to play the post in the NBA. They've talked to me about playing the 3 and the 4, so that's what I'm going to work on"

    Lucas will be playing in two more all-star contests this year - the Jersey Shore Invitational Tournament, set for April 27-30 in Toms River, N.J and the Oregon all-star game on April 30 at Westview High School in Portland.



  • Tim Gutowkis of called Derek Anderson "the best pure athlete among the signal-callers" in this year's draft.
  • Bob Rodman of the Eugene Register Guard wrote a nice piece on Mike Riley and how he handles his team.

    "I will not give in to criticism because someone in the public thinks I should get rid of a guy," Riley said.. "I've done what I think is right, and I can sleep at night.



  • Former quarterback Derek Anderson was interviewed by after his physical in Seattle.  See the video at
  • The OSU men's basketball team awards have been handed out.  David Lucas was given the Ralph Miller Award (MVP), Derek Potter was given the Slats Gill Award, Vic Remmers the Jim Anderson Award (most improved), Lamar Hurd the Ed Lewis Award (leadership), Nick DeWitz the Lew Beck Award (newcomer), and J.S. Nash the Paul Valenti Award (desire and determination).



  • The Oregon State offensive line's badge of honor?  Overworked and under appreciated.  Read more from coach Mike Cavanaugh and the offensive line.

    "If we all buy into being technically sound, we'll be better," Cavanaugh said. "That's how you win games. It's about technique, not about muscle. That's only part of it. It's about the right steps, then adding muscle."
  • Former Oregon State cornerback Brandon Browner's arms measured 32 3⁄4, the largest reach of the cornerbacks.



  • Tight-end Jason Vandiver faces tough competition from Joe Newton and Dan Haines this spring and fall.  He is a talented tight end and also a talented deep snapper.  Vandiver hopes to make it to the NFL and he doesn't mind if it is snapping the ball "to a little, short guy."

    “I wouldn’t mind making $300,000 a year for hiking a football back to a little, short guy,” Vandiver told the Portland Tribune.

    Vandiver will mostly be playing H-back where he will go in motion and do a lot of run blocking, but Vandiver feels he will make an impact in the receiving game as well.

    "I know I have the stereotype of being a blocking tight end, because of my size and the way we played at Fullerton,” Vandiver said. “If we win by me blocking, that’s cool, but I think I have pretty good hands for a guy my size. People don’t see me as being an athletic tight end, but I feel I’m going to make a pretty big impact on the receiving end.”
  • Former Beaver linebacker Nick Barnett was honored at the Lee Remmel Sports Awards Banquet.  He received the Professional Achievement Award in part for leading the Packers in tackles two years in a row.
  • Former Beaver running back Steven Jackson attend the Beavers first spring scrimmage.



  • Go Beavs!



  • Former Beaver receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh says the Bengals expect to win around 10 games this year and he likes the buzz from the fans this year.

    “Everywhere I go in Cincinnati, everybody is, 'Man, I’m ready to get my playoff tickets,' " Houshmandzadeh said during his first week back in town. "It’s weird because they expect that now. They don’t expect just to do OK. People are expecting us to go to the playoffs. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to stay because I expect it too."
  • The Raiders resigned DeLawrence Grant for the league minimum.
  • Baltimore Ravens defensive end Dwan Edwards is reportedly hitting the weight room hard this off season.

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