BeaverBytes - Apr.29-May 5

News and notes on Oregon State Beaver football and men's basketball from Apr.29-May 5.




  • David Lucas poured in 41 points during an exhibition game last Saturday at Westview High.


  • Dad's Weekend football tickets are on sale.
  • The 2005-06 football and basketball student ticket policies have been posted as well.



  • Dennis Erickson was asked by the Oregonian's Brian Meehan if he regretted his decision to leave Oregon State.

    "I do regret it now," Erickson said.. "But the situation here wasn't what I thought it would be. I was told they were going to bring the players back, and I thought we had a chance to compete. If I had known we would lose players like Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens, I never would have taken the job in 100 years."
  • Wide receiver Mike Hass is an avid fisher and is looking to get into and then stay in the NFL for a decade.

    "As long as they pay me the money, I'd like to play 10 years, then fish," Hass told the Oregonian. "Playing ball gets you more money than fishing."
  • listed Bill Swancutt as the Lion's best pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.  Swancutt will wear #90 for Detriot.




  • In response to several high-profile criminal cases involving football players -- and after making assurances of accountability to both state and student legislators -- the Oregon State Athletic Department has drafted a new disciplinary policy for student athletes...more from the Barometer. Register Guard | Oregonian | Gazette Times
  • It's time to celebrate accountability. Yippee!

    It's time to celebrate Oregon State. OSU, our hat's off to you!

    It's time to celebrate the media. What? Bear with us...more from the Seattle Times.



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