Scholarship Math

Following the lead of our counterparts at, has decided to do the Oregon State version of "Scholarship Math." Pull out your paper and pencils, please no pens, and get ready to crunch some numbers.

Here is's educated guess on what players on scholarship will be on the squad when fall camp opens in August.


QB-4: Gunderson, Moore, Hildebrand, Canfield

RB-7: Bernard, Walker, Burnley, Jones, Wright, Devorce, Fuller

WR-10: Hass, Hawkins, Johns, Love, Powers, Wheat-Brown, Stroughter, Swanigan, Crosby, Brown

TE-4: Newton, Vandiver, Haines, Hagemeister

C-2: DeVan, Speer

OT-7: Koets, Linehan, Thompson, Levitre, Brinker, Marks, Otuhiva

OG-5: Schuening, Perry, Ronnfeldt, LaCount, Peat

K-1: Serna

offensive total: 40



DT-7: Siegert, Frank, Booth, Smith, Coker, Vea, Holman, Anderson

DE-5: Lemma, Rudulph, Van Orsow, Hall, Kruskamp, Butler

LB-12: Ellison, Doggett, Bray, Darlin, Scott, Darkins, Cook, Moala, Thurston, Christopher, Cornell, Maher

CB-10: Lawson, Payton, Marshall, Lewis, Hughes, Henderson, McCullough, Thompson, Miller, Clark, Herod

S-5: Herron, Anderson, Piscitelli, Drayton, Afalava

LS-1: Cohen

P-1: Paulescu, Harry

defensive total: 45


The grand total is 85 scholarships if the current players return to camp and all freshman and transfers qualify, which is highly unlikely as 6-8 are in academic limbo. Ruben Jackson and John Mayberry are not on scholarship as both signed financial aid packages. Hagemeister is in limbo, so the number could dip to 84 before fall drills. Oregon State is one below the 85 scholarship maximum and will have one scholarship to play with during the fall. Mike Riley may hand out a scholarship to one of the walk-ons with the most likely candidate being running back Olaniyi Sobomehin. Offensive lineman Zach Harris, who provides depth on a depleted offensive line, is a long shot as well as receiver Nick Bodeman, who had a strong spring.

The coaches are still scouring the nation's junior colleges and high schools for that hidden gem as the recent signings of Butler, Brown, and Mayberry have shown. Most of the Oregon State coaching staff attended the Combine in Glendora, CA several weeks ago where they spotted and offered offensive tackle John Mayberry.  Still a defensive end or offensive linemen could be signed in the summer months.   Check out's All-Combine lists from Southern California and Arizona for an idea of who Oregon State is looking at in the JUCO ranks.

Let's assume that Sobomehin receives a scholarship and bumps the scholarship number to 85, that leaves zero scholarships available in the fall.  The coaching staff did a good job of staying focused long after signing day to maximize their available scholarships.  Now, let's take a look at the number of available scholarship's for the 2006 class.

Four players on offense (Hass, Hawkins, Love, Haines) and six players on defense (Smith, Hall, Ellison, Bray, Scott, Paulescu), for a total of 10 scholarships, will have used up their eligibility. If a player were to leave early for the NFL, tight end Joe Newton would be the most likely candidate, but he will probably stay for his senior year.

Matt Sieverson and Slade Norris have scholarships waiting for them after the completion of this season. That is eight scholarships the coaching staff can play around with in February. The math goes like this: 85 scholarship players - ten graduating seniors + Sieverson and Norris equals eight available scholarships.

But as Beaver fans know all too well, injuries, academics and other reasons lower the scholarship count every year. When the 2005 season is complete, the staff will have anywhere from 12-18 scholarships to play around with.

After the conclusion of the 2005 season, will revisit our calculations and predictions. In the meantime, Go Beavs!

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