Be Cast in Beaver History

Be a part of Beaver history by becoming part of a sculpture honoring Beaver Believers around the nation. Deadline for entry is less then a month away.

Oregon State's Professor of Art Tom Morandi ( will be sculpting the 17' long and 8' high sculputure.  It will be located on the east wall of the third brick tower so that people will pass under it as they enter the stadium.  The front row figures will be in full relief while the last row will show only hands.  This sculpture is made possible through the State of Oregon Percent for Art Program.


While it is commonplace to see sculpture that honors athletes, it's rare to find one that recognizes the fans who support them. This piece is for those who are still grinning days after a victory; those who forget their anniversaries but remember the date of the season opener: those who devour every scrap of information about the Beavers they can find; those who can remember favorite players on a losing team from more than a decade ago (mine were Kenny Felix, Ray Giacomelli and Robb Thomas 1987) and those who listened to the Washington game in 1998 and knew things would never be the same again. Reser Stadium has been expanded to house those screaming tens of thousands who will pack it on autumn Saturdays and it is the perfect site for a sculpture that honors them and Beaver fans everywhere.

The models will be chosen from the ranks of Beaver Football fans. The procedure for entering is detailed later in this article.

The following is a quote from Bob Sholes, a retired logger from Aberdeen WA. Bob was a model for one of the sculptor's earlier pieces.

"If someone was interested, I'd advise them to do it. It's an interesting process and I'm amazed at how accurate it is. It's a little tedious at times but it's a neat experience. You're going to be up on that wall a long time. It's something you can show your grandkids."


Models chosen should be an accurate reflection of OSU's fan base in age, gender, ethnicity and ability.



  • Over 18
  • No beards. Mustache OK.
  • Short hair preferred. Long hair must be drawn back or pulled up. Exceptionally long hair or dreadlocks will limit the type of head casts (too much mass to get under a swim cap)
  • Physically capable of holding a pose for the required time - usually 20 to 30 minutes per session. Number of sessions runs from 2 for a single arm to 8 or 10 for head, arms and torso.
  • Note: Subjects who are claustrophobic are not eligible for head casts.
  • Models should be prepared to spend from 2 to 8 hours posing.
  • All models required to sign a model release form.
  • Models who are selected for a studio visit are responsible for their own transportation to and from the sculptor's Corvallis studio.



  • Deadline for receiving entries is June 30, 2005
  • Have a photo taken of yourself. Just head and shoulders.
  • Scan the image into a computer.
  • Size it to 400X400 pixels and put it in JPEG format.
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, email, age, height and weight.
  • Send it to



  • Make sure you use a plain background.
  • Wear a light colored short sleeved T-shirt.
  • Photos that are improperly sized, unfocused or do not follow the picture format will not be considered.
  • A group of quarter-finalists will be chosen from the entries.
  • In the event that there are a large number of qualified entrants, a lottery will be used to determine the quarter finalists.
  • The quarter-finalists will be asked for 4 additional photos:
    • Face (mug shot):
      • 1. Cheering front
      • 2. Cheering Profile
    • From the hips up:
      • 3. Cheering front.
      • 4. Cheering profile.
  • In addition, you will be asked to submit a brief statement outlining your reasons for wanting to be part of the sculpture A group of semifinalists will be chosen from this group. Again, a lottery may be employed.
  • Semifinalists will interview with the Sculptor.
  • Finalists will be chosen by the Sculptor.



  • Models pose in swimsuits or spandex.
  • Bodies are slicked with a parting agent to allow molds to release.
  • Braces are used to help the model hold the pose.
  • Casts are done in sections (torso, arms, etc.).
  • Wax positives of the model are made from plaster molds.
  • Clothing is added and waxed.
  • Waxes are cast into bronze at a foundry.
  • Final finishing is done at the sculptor's studio.


For questions and more information please send an e-mail to the OSU Sports Marketing office, all questions and requests for more information must be submitted only by e-mail. Email will then be forwarded to the sculpture to answer.

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