What's a Beaver fan to do during March Madness?

Who's Your Big Daddy?

What's a Beaver fan to do during March Madness?
Thinking about Beaver hoops only brings me sadness.
It's been a long time since the Beavs were playing this time of year.
Heck, we didn't even make it to the tournament that Lute holds so dear.

Should we adopt another team that has OSU initials?
Would that be enough for us to get excited and still cuss at the games' officials?
Can we root for an OSU team from another state?
If they win a game or two, would it really be that great?

Perhaps we should root for another team from the northwest.
Yes, to root for our local teams would probably be best.
We could root for the other good guy northwesterners, to the northwest be true.
We can root for the players that are coached by Mark Few.

We could root against certain teams.
There is some fun it that.
We could root for the underdog.
Maybe buy a Montana hat.

Perhaps we should forget about hoops and start thinking of the upcoming football season.
Where hope springs eternal and optimism has a reason.
We can find an opposing team's fan and make a bet for a hat.
It's easy to find one on the message board; I lost a cap last year like that.

Myself, I think I'll watch a few games, and root for the Zags and the PAC-10.
I root for the underdogs and hope Duke doesn't win it all again.
I'll look and I'll listen and I'll cheer if given reason.
But mostly I'll count down the days until football season.


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