Spring Football Roster/Schedule Released

Practice begins April 4th and ends with the spring game on April 27. A total of 15 practices.

First things to catch my eye:

Cory Williams #3 RB
Comments: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Cory come into the program as a WR out of JC? Is his moving to TB a surprise to anyone else?

Kintner #1 at SE
Comments: It will be interesting to see if Shawn keeps the starting spot at split end. I thought his game improved tremendously toward the end of the year, but from what I've heard I don't expect Jayson Boyd to stay at #3 at FL behind Trimmer and Newson for long.

Nienhuis at RT
Brock at C
Comments: Giles was right! I also see that Aronson is #2 at RT. I like it. Good depth. Can I just say that our guards look awfully intimidating right now?? Sanchez at 335 and Kuykendall at 334! Yahoo....

Happe and Swancutt at DE
Comments: SWEEEEEET.

Tuma at WLB
Comments: I like it. A lot of guys aren't all that high on Tuma, but I think he will fill in quite nicely for James-- consider that JA was playing through a lot of pain last year that never went away... I don't see a fall off here.

Lawrence Turner at SS
Comments: Cal is still injured as of now. I expect this depth chart to change. Still, I figured Jamerson to fit in #1 at SS for now... It's going to be interesting to see how Whitten and Cantanese fit in too.

You can view the spring depth chart here. [PDF]

Spring Football Practice Schedule

Date            Time       Schedule
April 4	       4 p.m.	Helmets
April 5	       4 p.m.     Limited Contact
April 6	       1 p.m.	Full Contact
April 9	       4 p.m.	Limited Contact
April 10	       4 p.m.	Full Contact
April 11	       4 p.m.	Helmets
April 13	       10 a.m.    Scrimmage
April 16	       4 p.m.	Full Contact
April 17	       4 p.m.	Full Contact
April 18	       4 p.m.	Limited Contact
April 20	       10 a.m.	Scrimmage
April 23	       4 p.m.	Limited Contact
April 24	       4 p.m.	Full Contact
April 25	       4 p.m.	Helmets
April 27	       1 p.m.	Spring Game

You can view the official release here.

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