Paulin has eyes for Oregon State

PASADENA CITY COLLEGE offensive tackle Dwayne Paulin (6-6, 310) has surprising agility and a nice pair of feet. He's moving ever closer to completing his AA degree and in a few short weeks, he hopes to head up the coast.

Paulin said he hopes to sign with Oregon State after completing his AA degree.

"I got a B in my Psychology class and I'm waiting for my Biology grade to come in," said Paulin. "I feel like I did pretty good on my test."

He also has a few more weeks on a correspondence class before he'll be free and clear to sign with a four year school.

"Hopefully," said Paulin when asked if the plan was to sign with Oregon State upon completion of his junior college coursework. "I also have a correspondence class I have to get done. It will probably take two and a half to three weeks."

Three weeks from now, the Beavs will be about midway through fall camp, and there's also paperwork and travel time to consider. If Paulin were to join the Beavs, he might be a good candidate to redshirt -- he has 3 to play 2. The extra year could benefit him academically and also give him a chance to hit the weights.

"I think I need to improve my strength," said Paulin. "That's what I've been working on the last couple months. I've been hitting the weight room real hard."

PAULIN SAID OSU coaches Robin Ross and Mike Cavanaugh have told him he has a good pair of feet and that they like his prototypical size. Paulin's athleticism is also impressive for a big man, he played tight end at John F Kennedy High in New Orleans before being switched to offensive tackle.

"I'm agile, I can move pretty good," said Paulin. "I think I have good quickness. I improved my feet, my lateral quickness, from playing tight end in high school."

Kansas was among those who appeared ready to offer a scholarship at the end of last season but Paulin said most schools seemed to lose interest due to uncertainty on when he would graduate. He said he's been hunkered down and working his tail off to make it happen.

"Some schools backed off because of my (academic) situation after the season, but I've been taking the maximum amount of units," he said.

Paulin was a two-year starter at PCC and helped plow the road for Jerome Harrison (1059 yards) in 2003 despite the Lancers 0-10 record that year.

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