College Football Needs an Early Signing Period

Does college football need an early signing period? Yes. Verbal commitments just don't mean a whole lot these days. An early football signing period would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What's your definition of verbal commitment? Verbal commitments have become more of a security blanket the past two years than anything else. commitment - The act or an instance of committing - A pledge to do

More than ever, football prospects are verbally committing to the school of their choice only to go out and see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

I've already spoke with four verbally committed prospects who said they will look around and visit other schools this summer and fall.

When asked why they are looking around when they are verbally committed, the answer is usually "I'm only verbally committed. I haven't signed anything yet."

This makes a bigger argument for an early signing period for college football. It seems like there's a different definition of VERBALLY COMMITTED than what we've been used to in the past.

My definition of a verbal commitment is that the prospect has told his school of choice that he will sign a letter of intent with them in February on National Letter of Intent Day.

The prospect lets that coaching staff know that he's solid and they don't have to worry about him and count him in as a recruit at whichever position he plays.

The school in turn commits to that prospect and he knows that his scholarship is secure and that they will stick by that commitment.

Just like an engagement between a couple to get married. They are committed to each other until their wedding day.... There's an engagement between a prospect and a school until he signs his letter of intent on signing day.

However, it seems like more and more prospects are getting engaged (committed) and looking around for something better.

There's something very wrong with this. College football needs an early signing period. If they don't, there will be more and more prospects who will verbally commit early and continue to look around.

Why do they continue to look around after they commit? It's a security blanket. They know that if they get hurt, their scholarship will still be honored (most of the time) by the school that they made a verbal commitment with.

On the other hand, if they have a great season, they could look at other options while still being committed. It happens every year, I can't count on my hands and toes the amount of verbally committed prospects who officially visit other schools.

College football needs an early signing period. This will help the prospects, their families and the college coaching staffs.

Why will this help? The prospects can sign early and concentrate on their senior seasons. Their families don't have to worry about which school their child will attend.

This helps the college coaches tremendously. Just because a prospect VERBALLY COMMITS to them, doesn't mean they stop recruiting that prospect.

They actually have to work harder with that young man because he's still going to get letters and calls from other schools asking how solid his commitment is and asking him to at least visit their school to make comparisons.

Until there's an early signing period in college football, prospects will continue to take that security blanket. Prospects are more educated in the recruiting process than they've ever been.

They're being told to commit early but they're also being told to keep their options open. One prospect who is now a super college football player actually told me that his coach told him to commit early and if he wants to change his mind down the road he would handle that for him.

This (recruiting) is big business. Jobs depend on recruiting and winning. Sometimes it's a dirty business. A school will sometimes pull an offer from a prospect for whatever reason. Sometimes a prospect will de-commit and verbally commit with another school.

We've seen prospects the past two or three years verbally committed to two or three different schools. Sometimes all at once.

Take the next step NCAA. College football needs an early signing period.

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