Scholarship Math

Fall camp is in full swing and it is time to revist the classroom to crunch the Oregon State scholarship numbers.

Here is's educated guess on the scholarship situation in Corvallis on August 15, 2005.



QB-3: Gunderson, Moore, Canfield

RB-4: Bernard, Walker, Wright, Fuller

WR-12: Hass, Hawkins, Johns, Powers, Wheat-Brown, Stroughter, Swanigan, Crosby, Cheatham, Tarver, Jackson

TE-4: Newton, Vandiver, Haines. Mayberry

C-2: DeVan, Speer

OT-6: Koets, Linehan, Thompson, Levitre, Marks, Otuhiva

OG-4: Schuening, Perry, Ronnfeldt, Peat

K-1: Serna

offensive total: 35


DT-7: Siegert, Frank, Booth, Smith, Coker, Vea, Anderson

DE-5: Lemma, Rudulph, Van Orsow, Hall, Kruskamp, Butler

LB-9: Ellison, Doggett, Bray, Darlin, Darkins, Cook, Moala, Christopher, Cornell

CB-9: Lawson, Payton, Marshall, Lewis, Hughes, Henderson, Miller, Clark, Herod

S-4: Herron, Piscitelli, Drayton, Afalava, Buck (not playing football)

LS-1: Cohen

P-1: Paulescu

defensive total: 37

As of August 15, the grand total is 72 scholarships.  Due to NCAA regulations, Dallas Buck is still on a football scholarship although he will be focusing on baseball.  Ruben Jackson and John Mayberry are now on scholarship. 

The above count does not include Chaz Scott or Marcel Love as both are working through academic issues and may not be back. Five scholarship players, Brian Hildebrand, Charles Burnley, Eric Anderson, Zach Hagemeister and Mike Jones, left the team for various reasons.  Eight players from the 2005 recruiting class did not qualify and one recruit, Ian Brinker, quit football.

Three (Kainona LaCount, Tirrell Thompson and Kevin Maher) plan on attending junior colleges.  Edorian McCullough is still trying to get qualified at Linn Benton while Wilson Holman may try and grayshirt or go the JUCO route.  Markel Devorce, Kyle Brown and Nick Thurston all plan on grayshirting and enrolling in January.

Given the above scenario, Oregon State is well below the 85 scholarship maximum.  Let's assume Devorce, Brown and Thurston all enroll, jumping the number to 75.  Mike Riley may hand out a scholarship to one of the walk-ons with the most likely candidate being fullback Olaniyi Sobomehin, jumping the total to 76.

Four players on offense (Hass, Hawkins, Love, Haines) and six players on defense (Smith, Hall, Ellison, Bray, Scott, Paulescu), for a total of 10 scholarships, will have used up their eligibility. If a player were to leave early for the NFL, tight end Joe Newton and safety Sabby Piscitelli would be the most likely candidates, but both will probably stay for their senior seasons.

Matt Sieverson and Slade Norris have scholarships waiting for them after the completion of this season. That is fifteen scholarships the coaching staff can play around with in February. The math goes like this: 76 scholarship players - ten graduating seniors + Sieverson and Norris equals 68, resulting in 17 available scholarships.

But there are a lot of "ifs" in the above scenario.   Most likely all of the grayshirts won't enroll and there are already four verbals in the 2005 class dropping the number to 13.

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