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Piacere. Pleasure to meet you. You know me as BeavaBleeda aka the Resident Wiseguy. It will be my pleasure to entertain and maybe even educate you every Thursday this college football season. Maybe you'll learn something along the way or maybe you'll just get a few laughs. The primary goal is not only "to win the game" (as the computer says in War Games), but to provide some light-hearted entertainment for Beaver Nation and other college football fans on a weekly basis.

First of all let's go over the basic gambler vocabulary. If you are going to be gaming at the sportsbook you've got to know the lingo and also code speak to talk with your boyz when the wife is around.

The juice is the interest on a loan to many thugs, also known as the house take on a bet. For instance to win a $100, you lay down (amount of bet) $110 usually. To wiseguy types a dime is actually $1000. A nickel is $500, also known in SE Portland as a $50 "nick". To some of us jokesters we have coined the term "penny", which is $10. Just between you and me, don't use that term in public outside your immediate wiseguys or you will be ridiculed.

To give points is to bet on the favorite and minus the amount they are favored to win the game by off their score. To get points basically works the opposite and you take the underdog (dog) team expected to lose and add the points to their score. The point spread or betting line is the amount of points the game is expected to be won or lost by.

Betting the moneyline, means you just bet on what team you think is going to win the game straight up. A dog will pay much better on a moneyline bet than the favorite, the team that is expected to win. For instance, if Iowa State is +400 on the moneyline you win $400 off your little dime bet. If you foolishly take Iowa and they are -300, you have to to bet $300 just to win $100. Since we are on the subject of Iowa at Iowa State, mark your calendar for September 10. You can watch this game on television possibly before the Boise State at Oregon State game. Bleeda LOVES the underdog Cyclones in Ames, IA.  I believe they are a team that is "under the radar" this year, plus they are getting five points at home. My wiseguys in Iowa, made guys, tell me this is a lock, sure thing. Handicappers, by the way, are the people that set the betting lines. The lines will often differ slightly from book to book (sportsbook, where you place the bet). So shop around my friends.

Now some fun facts. Did you know? That Oklahoma was 12-1 last year but 4-9 ATS, against the spread. Georgia at 10-2 overall was only 4-7 ATS and Texas was 11-1, but only 5-7 against the spread. Meanwhile the Duke Blue Devils were a measly 2-9 overall but 7-3 ATS. A team like Duke is getting no respect by the "so called experts" and a powerhouse like Oklahoma is getting too much love. Interesting numbers from last year.

In case you were curious the OSU Beavers were 8-4 ATS last year. Other interesting facts about our beloved Beavos: they are 21-7 ATS at home versus Pac-10 opponents in the last seven years, 8-3 ATS after a bye week since 1997 and 15-5 ATS in November the last seven years. The Oregon Duckies aka "zeros" are 4-13 ATS versus our beloved Beavers since 1988. Hmmmmmm....interesting.

I don't endorse high risk investments for the uneducated. Gaming is all about money management. Pick your spots and rate the games. If you really feel good about a game, lay down more action. If you don't like any of the games on the big board, then lay low and don't place action.  It's all about crunching the numbers and not getting squeezed.

Next week we will discuss hedgingg, a technique this so called "accounting" man said was critical to his money management. This is a sometimes complicated process of betting on both sides of a game.

Remember, only bet as much as you can afford to lose. You can bleed dat.

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