Beaverbytes from Spring Practice, Day 1

News, notes, and some quotes from Dennis Erickson on the first day of Beaver football spring practice.

  • Quick Schedule Rundown
    • 3:30 – Players had arrived by 3:30.  They warmed up and participated in preliminary drills.
    • 4:00 – Warm-up and stretching.  Lee Davis led the group in stretching.
    • 4:15 – Players broke up into position groups and did drills.  Running backs used balls covered with a slick fabric, tight ends caught balls from a pitching machine, and quarterbacks warmed up their arms some more.
    • 4:30 – The offense and defense met together.  The offense ran through some plays without defense.
    • 4:40 – Back into position groups and more drills.
    • 5:15 – The teams scrimmaged for the last 45 minutes
  • Steven Jackson changed his number from 33 to 34 and that, along with his braids, size, speed, and strength, made him look an awful lot like Ricky Williams.
  • Cole Clasen also changed his number to 8.  He had a solid day.  I never saw him drop a pass and he ran good routes.  I'm excited about his prospects for the upcoming year.
  • Ryan Kanekeberg was not in practice today.  There were four Quarterbacks, Derek Anderson, Shayne House, Adam Rothenfluh, and Matt Dickinson.
  • Anderson showed a strong arm, and a huge presence in the pocket, but looked a little rusty.  Rothenfluh made a case to be considered for the starting role.  He is wearing number 12 and completed a few great passes to Jason Boyd.
  • Boyd was the star of the day.  He made three great catches.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a star before he leaves Oregon State.
  • House took snaps with the second string until he started experiencing some soreness in his shoulder.  He participated in everything up until the scrimmage.
  • James Newson returned punts, along with Josh Hawkins.  Hawkins will be the primary returner, but Newson may get some chances.
  • Jackson and Mitch Meeuwsen got into a little scuffle.  Nobody paid much attention to it, but there was definitely some intensity shown.  Meeuwsen came to tap Jackson's helmet (which signifies a tackle during no contact drills) and Jackson slapped his arm away and they jawed back and forth on the way back to the huddle.
  • Hawkins made some great catches across the middle of the field.
  • David Lose had a solid day.  He has a shot at beating out Matt Brock for the starting center spot.  Lose was extremely intense.
  • Bill Swancutt showed why he is the frontrunner for the starting defensive end spot.  He was explosive off the line and knocked a couple of passes down and put pressure on the QB.
  • Mike Haas made one great catch at the sideline.  It took an extra effort to stay in bounds.
  • George Gillet had some trouble hanging onto ball early in practice, but improved as the practice went on.  He was probably just a little rusty.
  • Tim Euhus practiced minimally, even though he is not fully recovered from his knee problems.  He did not participate in the scrimmage, though.
  • Calvin Carlyle walked through practice in street clothes, but did not participate at all.
  • Jimmie Haywood was seen at practice.

Dennis Erickson on today's practice:


"We showed lots of enthusiasm."  The defense showed "good speed."  He emphasized the need to practice at full speed all the time.  He said there were three main goals for Spring practice.  First, decide who is going to start at certain positions.  Second, develop as individuals.  And third, improve as a unit.  As far as the QB slot, he said, "Derek's number one, and he looked like it today."  He said House was still dealing with his shoulder, and that Rothenfluh is in the mix for the starting spot.


Erickson said "it's nice to

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