BeaverBytes from Spring Practice, Day 2

Reser Stadium received its first official football use Friday when the Beavers practiced for 2 1/2 intense hours.

Friday was almost the opposite of Thursday, weather wise, as it was cloudy, cold and looked like it could rain any second. The offense wore the famed orange pants, with white jerseys, while the defense wore all black.

On day 2 we saw full contact between the offense and defense facilitating a few scuffles between the players. The intensity level was few notches higher already. At the end of practice Erickson gathered his players around for a talk.

Erickson liked the intensity and competitiveness that was exhibited by the players. He went on to say that the Beavers needed to be "intense and competitive everyday to win the [Pac-10] championship" Erickson also said that although the players need to stay intense every practice, they need to learn how to be intense and competitive without hurting each other. Erickson ended the talk with his three keys to spring practice, "Play hard, compete with each other, and have fun."


News and Notes from Day 2:

  • George Gillet, Josh Hawkins, James Newson and redshirt freshman Travis Brown were fielding punts today.

  • Noah Happe and Mitch Meeuwsen were snapping the ball today. Happe has more experience and it is showing. His snaps are crisper and more on target than Meeuwsens.

  • Carl Tobey and John Millar were punting at the start of practice today. Most of their good punts were going 40-50 yards. Tobey was shanking a lot of his punts.

  • Derek Anderson, Adam Rothenfluh, and Matt Dickinson warmed up without Shayne House today. House was suited up, but only threw a couple of passes and he looked like he was throwing with soreness in his shoulder.

  • Adam Rothenfluh has looked good during spring practice. His passes are sharp and on target. He is receiving just as many snaps as Anderson, and both look good. Right now I could see Rothenfluh and Anderson fighting for the starting quarterback job.

  • Craig Bray emphasized that the cornerbacks have to be great tacklers. They did a drill where a player would take the snap from the coach and run with the ball towards the cornerback who is 10 yards down the field. The cornerbacks have to track the ball carrier and explode to the ball carrier, delivering a solid hit. Bray said to expect to do this drill everyday.

  • The linebackers coach, Greg Newhouse, was telling the linebackers they have to watch the hips of the defender too see where he is going. Never be stagnant, keep moving, and run the route. Learn to see the hips and don't look for the ball if you are beat.

  • Noah Happe and Eric Manning dominated the line drills and were extremely motivated. Both of them are very emotional and confident of their abilities.

  • Terrell Roberts had an excellent coverage day. Roberts is a very emotional player as well.

  • Jonathan Pollard and Brent Bridges got into a scuffle during practice today. They slapped each others helmets, but their teammates pulled them away before they did anything stupid.

  • Jason Boyd did not make any amazing catches today, but he ran solid routes and caught plenty of balls.

  • The cornerbacks and receivers were intense today as well. Roberts and Newson repeatedly talked smack to each other, but all in good fun. Newson had ran some excellent routes and Roberts played some great defense.

  • Nate Brentano had some good catches today. He has great hands and works very hard on the field.

  • Redshirt sophomore Kevin Linderman had a huge hit on Jason Boyd today in practice when Boyd came across the middle on a slant pattern.

  • On the second day the first team offense and defense lined up against each other for a full contact mini-scrimmage. The first play was 8-yd pass from Anderson to Newson. The second play saw Anderson completing a pass over the middle to Newson, but if the defense was allowed to hit the quarterback, Dwan Edwards would have recorded a sack. The third play consisted of a 10-yd pass from Anderson to Seth Trimmer. The fourth play was a fumbled snap and the fifth play would have been a sack by Eric Manning.

  • The second team offense and defense series consisted of the following plays:
    -- 6-yd pass from Rothenfluh to Boyd
    -- 8-yd slant from Rothenfluh to Hawkins
    -- 3-yd dump pass from Rothenfluh to Dwight Wright
    -- Incomplete pass
    -- Pass deflection by Aric Williams
    10-yd pass from Rothenfluh to Hawkins

  • The thrid team offense and defense series consisted of the following plays:
    -- Incomplete pass
    -- 5-yd pass from Rothenfluh to redshirt freshman Dan Haines
    Anderson came in after this
    -- 25-yd pass from Anderson to Haines
    -- Fumbled snap

  • After the three teams played 5-6 plays against each other the first team offense and defense came back onto the field. The first play was a 80-yd touchdown pass from Anderson to George Gillet over the middle. It was a well thrown ball, and a great catch by Gillet. A few plays later Trimmer tipped the ball away from Roberts and Meeuwsen for a athletic catch.

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