BeaverBytes from Spring Practice, Day 3

Intensity and enthusiasm continue to be the theme at Beaver Football Spring Practice. Here are news, notes, and quotes from Dennis Erickson for Day 3.

  • Today's practice started out with a bang when Ryan Cozetto nailed Dennis Erickson with a 40-yard punt. Erickson was looking the other way and it smacked him right in the back. Dennis was just fine, though, and practice continued without much notice.

  • Ryan Kanekeberg was back at QB today, after spending the first two days of practice with the secondary.

  • Calvin Carlyle was at practice again in street clothes. It is clear that he is eager to play and wants to be out there.

  • Tim Euhus caught passes from the QBs during preliminary warm-ups and spent much of the rest of practice on the stairs trying to strengthen his knee. He should be fine by the start of fall practice.

  • Redshirt Freshman Henry Anderson is looking good at defensive tackle. He is huge and will see time behind Dwan Edwards and Eric Manning. Senior James Lee will also be in the rotation. Lee made some great plays, including a nice tackle for loss in the scrimmage at the end of practice.

  • Kanan Sanchez and Lee got in a scuffle and had some choice words for each other, but it was broken up pretty quickly.

  • Though Bill Swancutt is listed first on the Spring depth chart, Dan Rothwell will give him some competition and will be given a chance to start. Rothwell is big and strong, and will make a contribution in 2002, whether he's starting or not.

  • Richard Seigler is clearly the leader on defense. He is vocal and emotional and lets guys know when they screw up. It's nice to know that he'll be around for two more years. The comedic highlight of the day was when Seigler said to Pat Loney, "You've got no hands!" after Loney dropped a pass near Seigler's perch on the sideline.

  • Shayne House participated in some drills, practicing his handoffs and taking snaps, but he did not throw today. It would not be too far fetched to see Adam Rothenfluh move ahead of House this spring, simply because House has not been able to participate enough to make an impression.

  • Rothenfluh looked great again today in drills, but struggled somewhat in the scrimmage. Rothenfluh has been accurate with his passes and does not seem to make too many mistakes. Derek Anderson seemed to do the opposite. He struggled in the drills, but looked strong in the scrimmage. Anderson's arm strength is where the difference can be seen. Rothenfluh is definitely in the mix, though.

  • Kirk Yliniemi kicked with the first team FG unit today. Both him and Cesca seemed to struggle at times.

  • The defense probably outplayed the offense today, as they did the first two days of practice. But the margin was slimmer today. The offense is surely improving as it gets more time to gel. Manning and Dwan Edwards held the line and shut down Steven Jackson. Jackson didn't really have anywhere to run. I don't know if anyone will be able to run much against this line next year. The rush defense will surely be a strength.

  • Shawn Kintner had a nice practice today. He didn't do anything spectacular, but caught the ball when it was thrown his way and got distance between him and his man. His strength is short timing routes.

  • Shamon Jamerson made a couple of nice hits, but he could work on his coverage.

  • Lawrence Turner absolutely creamed Kintner on a 10 yard pass, but he managed to hang onto the ball for a "key" third down completion during the scrimmage. Turner will be in the mix immediately at safety.

  • Floyd Wade made a few nice runs against the third string.

  • There were some problems in the exchange between the center and quarterback, but those problems are to be expected in the early practices of the spring.

    Erickson's Quotes

    Before the scrimmage, Erickson told the team to "stay intense and competitive" and to "stay off the quarterback." Afterward, he told the team he liked what he saw. "Getting to people and knocking the crap out of them. That's going to be our M.O. We're playing with great enthusiasm and playing hard. And that's what's gonna take us to the top."

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