Fall Camp: Week 3 Recap

The start of the 2005 Oregon State football season is just one week and it is time to recap week 3.


    Freshman John Mayberry left the program leaving just Dan Haines and Jason Vandiver at the tight end position.  As a result, the Beavers will use more two back sets instead of H-back sets.

    Riley on what Haines and Vandiver bring to the table:  "Both Dan and Jason have strengths. Dan is pretty fast and a good route runner, while Jason is a good blocker and developing as a receiver."

    Senior Dan Haines is the only healthy tight end right and as a result Yvenson Bernard is playing fullback and running back.  When Jimtavis Walker is in the game, Bernard will assume the fullback duties.

    Riley on the new formations:  "We ran a little more four-wides and two-backs. We can do a lot of the same stuff out of several formations. Versatility is going to play a big key for us this season, and I think we have quite of few versatile players on this team."

    With 13 players on the injured list coach Mike Riley is concerned about depth at several positions.

    Riley on what positions he is concerned about:  "I'm concerned that we are thin at tight end, a little at running back and I don't want to mess around too much at the safety positions. It's getting to the point where I need to get some of these guys healthy and ready for the first game."

    Due to a plethora of injuries the second scrimmage did not have a lot of contact.  Quarterback Matt Moore completed 8 of 16 attempts for 121 yards and two interceptions.

    Riley on the offense:  "I don't like these days, because you never feel like you did as well as you want to. I thought there was some good football played today – I love this team's spirit."

    Riley on the running game:  "There was some stuff there today. Our first unit defense is tough to run against. I was pretty happy to see how Yvenson (Bernard), Jimtavis (Walker), Nate (Wright) and Patrick (Fuller) performed today."

    Riley on if the team is ready to play a game:  "No, no, no. We'll take the rest of our time that we have, but I can feel when we get to that stage this team will be anxious to play. We needed to do something different today to get out of the routine of what we do in the training camp."

    Riley on the importance of having a scrimmage: "We are razor thin in some spots and that is why I held my breath today having a scrimmage. But, I knew it was important that we get officials here, move the ball, kick some extra points – we need all that, but I didn't sleep very well last night thinking about today."

    Despite the heavy workload, the heat and the ever growing list of injuries, Riley likes the attitude of his team and can't wait to see them on the field.

    Riley on his team's behavior:   "There has never been a complaint about the amount of work that we have done. We are aiming in the right direction; we just have a lot of work to do yet. I'm looking forward to seeing our team on the field playing a game." 

    Preparation for Portland State started Thursday as the scout teams ran about two dozen plays.

    Riley on preparing for PSU:  "What we are trying to do is get a little bit of an early start to our game preparation. It's hard to pick an exact time to start running the other teams plays. We're getting our scout teams together running their (PSU's) plays."

    Riley is big part of the turnaround that the Oregon State football program has undergone.  With the season just a little week, the Corvallis native is getting excited for the home opener.

    Riley on the expansion:  "It's awesome. It's a great thing for not only the football program, but the entire university. It kind of culminates, at this point, one of the greatest football turnarounds in the last 40 years. It is really is exciting to be a part of."



  • Redshirt freshman Bryan Payton was moved from cornerback to free safety.

  • Freshman tight-end John Mayberry left the team for personal reasons.

  • Redshirt freshman Dan Weis has been moved from tight end to fullback.




  • Tight end Jason Vandiver sat out a Thursday's practice due to a concussion.

  • Wide receiver Anthony Wheat-Brown sat out some practices with a knee injury.

  • Defensive lineman Joe Rudulph missed two days of practice due a finger injury.

  • Wide receiver Ruben Jackson missed a couple days of practice with a shoulder injury and may not be ready to play against Portland State.

  • Defensive tackle Ben Siegert re-injured his shoulder that he had surgery on during the summer of 2004.  He is expected to be back sometime in September.


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