You want answers, I have questions

I cannot remember going into a season with so many questions about the Beavers. I can see a 7-4 finish but just as easily see a 4-7 finish. Your guess is as good as mine and our guesses are as good or better than pundits that get paid mucho money for their predictions (see Sports Illustrated's 2001 preseason issue). So, instead of predicting I'll ask 20 questions instead?

  1. Don’t you have to feel good for Jose Cortez? I hope he sticks this time.

  2. Will running backs having cool names (i.e. Yvenson/Jimtavis) be the key that unlocks the running game? Having cool names will help but better production from the offensive line will help more.

  3. Will emulating Bill Swancutt’s hand shake thing be the trick to replacing him at defensive end? It is a start.

  4. Will Beaver fans commit mass suicide if the Beavers lose to PSU?

  5. When it comes to Montgomery Gentry are you supposed to say she, he or them?

  6. Will the Beavers play in the Rose Bowl this year? Once (10/22/2005), twice (01/01/2006) is a little less sure.

  7. Will having a national championship and a Player of the Year award under his belt make the starting quarterback complacent or will it make him even hungrier? Oops, I accidentally borrowed that question from McMinnville’s Big Daddy Purple.

  8. Which post-bye week Beaver team will emerge this year? The bye week killed the Beavs two years ago but rejuvenated them last year.

  9. Will the pseudo-die-hard Beaver football fans lose that honeymoon feeling if the Beavs lose lots of games early on? I’m thinking that Beaver fans will stick with the team even if they have a rough start. The team started out not so good last year but played well in every game after the bye week. I think that they would have beat USC if the fog hadn’t lifted. Of course if a frog had wings…

  10. Could there be any bigger position question mark than cornerback? Young men playing this position have the opportunity to be heroes or goats. There is no in-between at that position, just ask the 2003 Oregon Ducks.

  11. How big would a decent running game be for the Beavers this year? You have to hand it to Derek Anderson. Most every person in most every stadium during most every game knew he was going to pass most every play and he still got the job done. The same thing could be said for his pass blockers. A reliable, ground gobbling, clock eating, running game would take a lot of pressure off of the Beaver quarterbacks and would relieve some of the pressure on the defense.

  12. Isn’t it weird how tight end went from the one of the deepest to one of the shallowest positions in such a short time? Dan Haines has shown that he can get the job done, let’s hope that he stays healthy.

  13. Isn’t it nice how the linebacker corps seems to get restocked with good players every year? Bray, Scott (maybe), Ellison, Doggett, Darkins, Darlin, this unit is deep and talented.

  14. Is there a better punter in the nation that Sam Puntlescu? I don’t think so.

  15. Are Sam and the rest of the Special Team personnel glad that he won’t be kicking to Reggie Bush this year? I am.

  16. Will possums be allowed into the newly remodeled Reser? What about my pet skunk Mikey?

  17. Shouldn’t the Beaver head in the middle of the field be turned the other way now that the high rollers are sitting on a different side?

  18. Can the Beavers lose a home game and go to a bowl game? Let me give you the short answer. No.

  19. Is everyone happy that there haven’t been any recent news stories that have the phrases “OSU football player” and “Headline Café” in them?

  20. Am I pumped up to get this season underway? Let me give you the semi-short answer- See you next Saturday.

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