Grool's keys to the game

Well it is finally here, after nine months of waiting for college football and the Beavs, they're both BACK! Let's look at what Oregon State needs to do in order to beat their in state competitors.

1. Establish a running game
This is more important for the season as a whole than for this game in particular. Expect the Beavs to go vanilla in their running game, but offensive linemen must dominate the Portland State defensive line in order to get the confidence going into the Boise State game.



2. No special teams mistakes
Letting the other team score or get momentum with long returns is a quick way to give the VIKINGS the confidence to believe that they can upset the Beavers. Oregon State must kill Portland State's hopes by the end of the first quarter.



3. Establish a pass rush
With young cornerbacks and a first year starter at safety it is important for the defensive linemen to not leave their teammates on an island by themselves longer than Tom Hanks in Castaway.

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