BeaverBytes from Spring Practice, Day 4

The intensity level remained high as the Beavers moved practice into the Indoor Practice facility for the first time.

For the third time in four days of spring practice the Beavers practiced on a different field. The Beavers began spring practice on Prothro field, moved to Reser for two practices, then were forced inside the Indoor Practice Facility because of weather on Tuesday. The intensity level remained high, as the receivers began to run better routes and as the defense began delivering bigger hits.

But, Dennis Erickson was upset about the lack of concentration at Tuesday's practice saying the Beavers, "have to mentally focus on what is going on."


  • Erickson continued to keep a close eye on the offense.

  • Shayne House threw in the defense/offense drill for the first time in two practices, but still looked like he was experiencing pain in his shoulder. House never threw a ball hard, but lobbed a couple of balls to the receivers.

  • Redshirt freshman, Travis Brown, ran some really nice routes today. Numerous times he beat various cornerbacks deep.

  • The receivers were running extremely tight routes during the one on one drill with the cornerbacks. Derek Anderson looked extremely good as well, putting many deep balls on the money.

  • Noah Happe had some helmet problems during the scrimmage, Jayson Jean-Baptiste came in a played while Happe got his helmet fixed.

  • James Newson and Terrell Roberts got into a minor scuffle during the scrimmage. Both were complaining they had their hands all over each other.

  • Terrell Roberts has HUGE arms.

  • Nick Barnett and Dennis Weathersby bumped chests after Weathersby made an outstanding play on the sidelines. The only problem was Barnett knocked Weathersby to the ground.

  • Steven Jackson did not practice today. Dwight Wright played the number one tailback position and looked good, hitting the whole fast and bouncing off defenders.

  • The defense delivered some monstrous hits today. Including one by Lawrence Turner who unloaded on Tyler Ross after a 25-yd pick up.

  • Anderson is starting to distance himself from the rest of the quarterbacks. His throws look stronger, are on target, and he is moving well in the pocket.

  • Derek Hall was shaken up during the scrimmage and had to sit out.

  • Ken Simonton was seen after practice heading towards the Valley Football Center.

  • At the end of practice Erickson was not pleased with the Beavers concentration. Erickson said the Beavers have to "mentally focus and what is going on." He was very displeased with the numerous offsides, missed blocks, and missed tackles. He also said some of the players know how to play hard every down and some do not. He wants everybody to give 100% every play, every down, until the whistle blows.

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