Oregon State head coach, Jay John

News, notes, and some pictures from the press conference.

Jay John, 43, was introduced as Oregon State's basketball coach, Tuesday in front of 100 plus Beaver fans in Gill Coliseum.

In a festive atmosphere, made complete with balloons, cheerleaders, and lots of orange, John strolled down Ralph Miller court, with Benny the Beaver at his side, as the fight song played over the loudspeakers. Beaver fans rose to their feet as John enthusiastically led the clapping to the Oregon State fight song.

Before John was introduced Mitch Barnhart, the director of Oregon State athletics, went through his criteria in his search for a new coach. Among his criteria for a new head coach was to find a man with integrity, a man with a commitment to student-athletes, and a man with a great work ethic.

Barnhart said John meet all of his criteria and is excited about working with him. Barnhart also said John brings a superb knowledge of the Pac-10 with him, recruiting ties all over the nation, particularly in the northwest, and has a great track record in developing big men.

An emotional John began the press conference by thanking various people within the Oregon State and University of Arizona athletic departments. John also reminisced about growing up in Tucson and driving to LA to watch the Beavers play. John has always looked up to OSU coaching great Ralph Miller, and at one time "would do anything to coach with him."

"It's hard to believe 19 years later I would end up at OSU," said John. "This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me," John said in reference to being hired as the head coach at Oregon State.

John will evaluate the success of Oregon State basketball on a game by game basis with three questions: did we play unselfish, did we play as hard as we could, and did we execute the game play.

Two prevailing themes that will define the new Oregon State basketball team are, "we will not concede anything to anybody" and the Beavers will work hard, with integrity and class.



  • John said his coaching staff will serve as great role models to the players and the community, but was not at liberty to say who they are.

  • John reinterated throughout the press conference, if everybody does their job, Oregon State basketball will be fine.

  • When asked what tempo/style he prefers, John said he believes the Beavers should play as fast as their talent allows. John also wants the Beavers to be the aggressor making their opponents fall back on their heels.

  • Jimmie Haywood was seen in the stands at the news conference.

  • Brian Jackson, Philip Ricci, JS Nash, and Adam Masten were also seen.

  • The first 200 people received a free orange t-shirt that read "Building the Future of OSU men's basketball: Coach John Jay"

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-- Jay John with Benny
-- Jay John leading the clapping
-- Jay John answering a question
-- Picture of the t-shirt

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