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It's Game day, baby. So it begins: The long and winding road to find out who the real expert at is. This is no X's and O's discussion - we sit and look around the plushy appointed but not overly ostentatious offices of and it's clear who the kind is when it comes to scheme and understanding of the game: It's clearly the 6 foot 5 professor, Coach Greule. And if you disagree...well, be my guest and YOU tell him so. So without further ado:

Washington State at Nevada.
Dnorz is the black sheep of the family, picking Nevada. "The Cougars trip up on the road to a young and hungry team looking to make postseason play."

California at Washington.
Nobody was dumb enough to pick the Dawgs. OA picked a little tighter score.. The Resident Wise Guy sez "Cal by double figures."

Montana at Oregon.
In the no-brainer of the week game, grool offered up perhaps the most poignant insight: "U of O wins, and if they don't the rest of the Pac-10 spends all week flaming on E-Duck."

Stanford at Navy.
Everybody took the easy way out except for WKSN, who picked the Midshipmen in the upset special. Grool dropped this gem when asked about the game: "Navy has a shot here if Walt's O can't move the ball against the hard nosed yet undersized Navy D."

Boise State at Oregon State.
Big surprise - unanimous picks for the home team. Thirsty for blood, hungry for revenge. OSU will out hit and out muscle the Broncos with help from the 12th man.

Arizona State at Louisiana State. The staff was split on this one. Pac 10 homers Bleeda, OA, and WKSN picked ASU. Realists picked LSU. OA sez,
"Is Arizona State for real? This game will prove it. Sun Devils execute and win.

Rice at UCLA.
Dan summed it up best, "Rice?".. indeed, Danno. Indeed.

USC - bye. Grool sez, "Pete Caroll takes his team to the Jessica Simpson Concert where Jessica decides to leave Nick and start dating Matt Leinhart.
(Why not what else in this guys life could happen?)" Yikes, is all I can say.

And there you have it? Now sit back and watch the games unfold!

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