BeaverBytes from Day 5

Dennis Erickson was displeased with the level of competition at Wednesday's practice and let his feelings be known.

The Beavers moved back to Prothro field for the fifth practice of the month. Dennis Erickson was not pleased with the level of competition at Wednesday's practice and let it be known to his players at the end of practice. He wants all the players on the field to compete every play, every down and if the Beavers don't start competing soon, he will find players that will. Erickson had a similar speech at Tuesdays practice and said he is sick of seeing people not competing every down.

Erickson also had some choice words for a couple of players who had been trash talking during practice. Erickson said he does not mind if the players compete and talk smack to each other, but when it interferes with practice the trash talking has gone to far. He is sick of it and will not tolerate it. Erickson also said he is sick of players talking trash that have not played a down of football yet. Soon as they play a down, they have a right to talk, but until then they should say quiet.


  • Mitch Meeuwsen continued to deliver big hits during practice including on sophomore Cole Clasen coming across the middle. The hit got a good cheer from the players and crowd at the practice.

  • Sophomore Steven Jackson was back at practice today. He participated in full contact drills and looked like he was doing fine.

  • Injured tight end Tim Euhus was seen at practice moving his legs and playing catch with redshirt freshman running back, Josh Farrell.

  • The defensive line continued to dominate the offensive line in drills today.

  • Shayne House remained reluctant to throw during drills today. He opted to run during some of the drills today and he looked like he was having trouble reading the defense.

  • The defensive line was continually in the backfield during the full contact scrimmage today. Lucky the quarterback cannot be hit, or they would be on the ground a lot.

  • Sophomore Jonathan Pollard has shown great intensity at the linebacker position. It looks like he has the same fire as Richard Seigler and Nick Barnett.

  • Junior Brandon Catenese continued to impress as he delivered some incredible hits today.

  • Sophomore right tackle, Doug Nienhuis, got into a trash talking match with Seigler today. One thing you cannot do is out talk Seigler, but Nienhuis held his own. This was fiercest fight so far.

  • Jonathan Smith and Derek Anderson can continually be seen going over the playbook and talking about the passing routes.

  • Numerous times during the practice, the various Oregon State coaches had to tell the players to get jacked up, excited.

  • Aric Williams played some cornerback for the first team today in place of Terrell Roberts who was on the sidelines cheering him on.

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