BeaverBytes from Spring Practice, Day 6

On a breezy, chilly day at Prothro Field the Beavers shed their pads for a day and worked on their fundamentals.

The atmosphere was laid back in comparison to the previous days practices, but was just as important. On a day when the Beavers did not put on pads, two Beavers were injured. The seriousness of the injuries are not known at this point.

Tim Euhus and Josh Farrell continued their rehab assignments, while Seth Trimmer returned to the field, but saw limited action.

  • Senior wide receiver Seth Trimmer returned to the field today. Trimmer was running on the sidelines, working his legs and did not participate in drills.

  • There was limited contact at Thursday's practice. The players had shorts, jerseys, and helmets on. No pads.

  • The majority of Thursday's practice was devoted to working on the fundamentals of football. Hitting correctly, footwork, running routes, etc.

  • Junior cornerback Shamon Jamerson hurt his right ankle today. I spoke briefly with Jamerson and he said that it hurts real bad and he does not know how serious the injury his. He says it physically hurts and emotionally hurts because he does not know the severity of the injury.

  • Junior quarterback Shayne House was throwing harder today. It looks like he is testing his shoulder out.

  • I spoke briefly with redshirt freshman, Josh Farrell,who is recovering from a knee injury. Farrell said his knee is feeling fine and can do whatever he wants. He just cannot get hit. Farrell continued to do wind sprints on the sidelines.

  • Dennis Erickson is starting to tinker with the receiving groups. Today, the first team of receivers consisted of Jayson Boyd, Cole Clasen, Kenny Farley, Shawn Kitner, and James Newson.

  • Junior free safety, Brandon Catenese, did not participate in drills at the end of practice due to a hand injury.

  • Sophomore quarterback, Ryan KaneKeberg, received some reps at quarterback. His throws had a lot of zip to them, but were not on target. This is probably due to him not throwing that much.

  • Redshirt freshman, Matt Dickinson, has not thrown in practice for a few days. He is listed as the fifth quarterback on the depth chart and will probably not see that much action the rest of spring practice.

  • Sophomore quarterback, Adam Rothenfluh, continued to receive plenty of reps. He will most likely move into the second spot on the depth chart, unless House's shoulder starts to feel better,

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